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Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?


are 4x4 suv truck owners Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

If there is one kind of motorist that gets demonized more than any other in these times of environmental consciousness and hybrid engines, it is the driver who has chosen a really big car or truck. 4×4’s, SUV’s, pickups and other trucks tend to attract disapproving glances because there is a popular view that they have horrible polluting effects and also that many of the people who drive them could actually manage just as well with a smaller, greener car and simply chose the larger vehicle for some kind of macho reason. In actual fact, while there are certainly people who do opt for larger vehicles as a style choice, most drivers of these cars and trucks choose them for more practical reasons, and these drivers do of course, end up paying a lot more for fuel as the fuel economy on a big car is generally pretty bad. So why should we think about being kinder to these motorists?

Larger Cars Are Great For Car Sharing

are 4x4 suv truck owners1 Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

If you are someone with a big family, or you are interested in being in a car share scheme where you take other people’s kids to school or take coworkers to work with you, then a car like a 4X4, SUV, people carrier or truck can be a very good idea. You can transport a lot of people, thus saving the carbon emissions all their separate cars would otherwise be releasing into the atmosphere. Carpool lanes, which are only permitted to be used by people who have passengers, are becoming common schemes in many cities so there are strong incentives for people who have room in their vehicles to find other people who are interested in sharing their journeys, and it is also possible to easily find car share candidates using websites or work or school bulletin boards.

Larger Cars Are Versatile

While a big truck or car may not be necessary for every trip someone makes, they do allow for a certain level of versatility. If a family wants to go on a vacation in their car, rather than flying, they are better able to do this in a large vehicle, especially if they have things like skis or surfboards they want to take with them. Some people also use the extra luggage space for tools they need for work.


are 4x4 suv truck owners2 Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

Many drivers feel safer in a large, heavy vehicle because it is less likely to be badly damaged in a collision, causing harm to their families. While all cars have different safety ratings and in some cases in a truck accident the larger vehicle won’t fare the best, some people, especially parents, prefer the safe feeling of being in a big, robust car with their kids.

While there are certainly some downsides in terms of fuel economy, it is important to understand that all cars have been designed for a reason and a certain market, and that there are reasons why some motorists choose bigger vehicles over smaller, more efficient ones.

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