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5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Event A Hit

5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Event A Hit


5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Event A Hit

Holiday celebrations can be very exciting and very chaotic. The planning and preparations for the event can be exhausting, especially if you are trying to create a party that everyone will remember. The host or hostess often works themselves into exhaustion, leaving little time at the actual event for enjoyment.

4236564925 26e32dcee4 n1 300x199 5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Event A HitThe good news is that it does not have to be that way. You can use these five simple tricks to create and enjoy the perfect holiday celebration.

1) Festive Spirits and Alcohol

Make your party special by creating a featured alcoholic beverage to serve at the party. For instance, a holiday themed specialty drink or a harvest blend ale. This keeps the alcohol burden small, and it helps give your party distinction.

It is also very important for the host or hostess to understand “social host” laws. Currently, 33 states have laws stating that the host can be held financially liable to the injured party if said host or hostess allows a guest to leave intoxicated, causing harm to themselves or others because of that intoxication.

If your guests are intoxicated, either provide them a ride home or call them a taxi. You do not want to let them leave under the influence. You may also want to plan ahead for this type of situation by having an area available in your home for overnight guests or provide a designated driver ahead of time.

Additionally, you may want to stop serving alcoholic beverages about one hour before your party ends. While this is not a guarantee that your guests are not intoxicated, it can help. Depending on your state, it is a good idea to research legal sites that expound on the statutes that govern your state. For example, residents of Pennsylvania might look up info on a site like for DUI prevention information.

2) Choose a Party Theme

Stick to a simple theme to keep planning and preparations to a minimum. Yes, your guests will be impressed by a very elaborate set-up, but they are only going to remember and talk about the social interactions. Make it nice, but focus on the social part of the party.

3) Play Background Music

All parties will do well if there is soft background music playing. You do not want it to be so loud, that it will make it hard to socialize. However, you do not want to forget the music either, it will make the party seem very bland.

4) Provide Entertainment

Depending on the length of your party and the number of guests, you may want to have a few options set up for additional entertainment. This may be in the form of games, gift exchanges, or contests. It is something to help break the ice in large groups, and something that can be very fun in intimate gatherings.

5) Provide Tasty Food

Unless it is a very formal celebration, you should stick to small finger foods. This makes it easier to prepare and easier to manage. It is also a favorite among guests who may want to eat but do not really want to take in a full meal.

When you are throwing a holiday party, all you need to do is remember to keep it simple. It is about being together as family or friends at a special time of year. It is not about expensive and elaborate decorations and food.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and amateur party planner. She contributes this article to help readers prepare for the season of festivities. During her research she found to be very informative regarding dui laws and the importance of know your state’s legal statues on the matter.    


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