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Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners


window air conditioners versus central Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

People today are very concerned about rising energy costs, so when it comes to staying cool in the summer, individuals are trying to figure out ways to cut down on their energy consumption. While there are plenty of efficient appliances to purchase that will keep your home cool, the real question is whether an air conditioning unit that you place in your window is more effective than a central air conditioning unit.

The Debate

window air conditioners versus central1 Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

Which one will cool your home more efficiently and which one will actually save you money? Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons associated with each of these types of air conditioners so that you can decide which one is right for your particular needs and living situation.

The Pros and Cons of Window Air Conditioners

window air conditioners versus central2 Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners need to be carefully and securely placed in a window and then plugged into an outlet in order to operate. This can be a hassle because you’ll need to find a place to store you air conditioning unit each year if you wish to remove it from your window so that you can enjoy the view the rest of the year. Otherwise, you can keep it in the window, but you risk cold air seeping into your home during the winter as a result, which can cause your energy costs to increase as you turn on the heat to counteract the cold.

Older air conditioning units that go in your window aren’t very efficient. Therefore, replace any old units with modern ones if you wish to save money. To save the most amount of money possible, always purchase Energy Star units that have energy-saving modes that allow you to turn the unit on, set your ideal room temperature, and walk away. The unit will go into a resting mode automatically once it reaches that temperature, just as a central air conditioning unit would do, so this is very convenient and great for those who live in apartments.

The Pros and Cons of Central Air Conditioners

window air conditioners versus central3 Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are really desirable because they don’t require you to set anything up or take anything down at the beginning and end of the summer season. Instead, the unit is available all year long, so even if the weather decides to get really hot in the spring, before you have had the chance to install your window unit, you can just turn on the air conditioner and get cool.

The central air conditioning unit is quite large, though, so it’s usually placed in the backyard of a home where it can be out of view and out of the way. It sends cool air through the duct system of a home and cools the entire house rather than just one room, making it very convenient, though you may not save a substantial amount of money when compared to an Energy Star window unit. Also, central air is more expensive to install and won’t be an option if you live in an apartment.

There are pros and cons associated with window air conditioners and central air conditioners. Depending upon your budget, your living situation, and your energy consumption, you can determine which one’s right for you.

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