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Using Body Paint As Part Of Your Fancy Dress Costume

Using Body Paint As Part Of Your Fancy Dress Costume


Fancy dress parties are great fun, but when it comes to finding a fun and unique costume, you can have quite a hard time. Using body paint to complete a fancy dress costume that is both unique and creative however is a great idea if you want to do something different and don’t want to spend a lot of money on costume hire.


Lizard art


You buy or make skeleton costumes but if you really want to get creative, you can use body paint to draw skull and bone effects across your face and body. You will need white, black and possibly red paint to add gory details. Get a range of sponges in different sizes and also different sized brushes. Think about how much of your body you want to paint and draw out a design or find design ideas online before you get started.

If you have a lot of hair, you can wear a plain swim cap and paint over it or just leave it. For the rest of the body, draw on white bones (use pictures of skeletons to make them realistic) and then fill in the gaps with black. Alternatively, you can go for a true horror movie look and make it seem as if the skin has been ripped away by painting only patches of your body in the skeleton paint.


Get some white contact lenses and then choose which type of zombie you want to be (school girl, doctor, nurse, sailor convict etc) and then start slashing up your clothes. Start by painting any exposed areas of skin with white face and body paint using a large sponge to spread it out evenly. Use dark grays and black to add patches underneath the eyes around the cheek bones to give a real “gaunt” look and then get some fake blood to create scars, bullet wounds, severed limbs etc. You can also use latex make up to give an even scarier appearance and then use this elsewhere on your body and really scare people!

Cartoon Characters


If you want something a bit simpler, you can opt for a Smurf costume which is easy to make and looks great if you get a team of you to dress up together. Opt for white clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty such as old white dungarees, trousers, or a dress and blonde wig if you’re dressing up as Smurfette! Pick someone to be Papa Smurf too so that one of you wears a white beard. All of the group can then wear matching white hats. Use a makeup setting spray (or even hair spray) on your skin to prevent smudging. Choose a light blue color and make sure that you get plenty of it and make sure that you are all the same color. Don’t forget areas such as behind your ears or the underside of your arms.

The Simpsons

A great one for couples or families to do, yellow paint and crazy wigs is all you need to create these loveable cartoon characters. Jeans and a cushion-stuffed white shirt is all you need for Homer, and a green boob tube dress is ideal for Marge.

The Hulk

Another simple one, and a great one for muscular guys – paint yourself a bright green all over and wear a ripped up white tee and ripped shorts.



Perfect for carnivals and music festivals, animal and flower prints look really arty and pretty. Wear a plain bikini or shorts which you can paint over then get creative. Tiger prints for example look really cool but do take a lot of time. Get plenty of orange, white and black paint and make large stripes for tigers or spots for leopards etc.


Make floral patterns using any colors that you like. Leave your skin its natural color and then add vines and all kinds of flowers across any exposed skin such as your legs, arms neck or collar bone. Also add flowers on you face to complete the look and you have a very cheap and easy costume. Combine with flowers in your hair or a floral bikini or t-shirt and shorts combo for a relaxed festival look.


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