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Three Must-Have Forms Of Technology For Small Businesses

Three Must-Have Forms Of Technology For Small Businesses


If you own and operate a small business, one of your goals should be to stay on top of the latest and greatest forms of technology that will make running your business and keeping it profitable easier than ever before. But a lot of business owners simply don’t have the time to keep up with the rapidly changing world of technology. This is why many offices fall behind quickly with regards to what equipment they’re utilising to make their jobs easier.

Continue reading to access a list of must-have pieces of technology that every small business owner should invest in. The cost of these forms of new technology will be more than worthwhile once you realize how much they can help you accomplish your everyday tasks in a more efficient and less expensive manner.


three musthave forms technology for Three Must Have Forms Of Technology For Small Businesses

Scanners have been around for a long time, but a lot of small business owners really don’t realise the value in having a scanner available at the office, or in buying a multi-purpose machine that can allow their employees to scan documents, as well as send faxes, make copies, print documents, and more.

Scanners are utilised by smart business owners who want to reduce paper clutter around the office. Instead of having to file every single bill you receive away in a filing cabinet, for example, and eventually needing to purchase more and more space-consuming cabinets in the future, you can scan everything in and save a digital file for your records instead. Then you can upload the sensitive data to a cloud server so that it’s always safe, no matter what happens to your office space. And if you ever need to print the files out again, you can do so whenever necessary. Remember to shred all documents to keep your information secure from criminals.

Portable Projector

three musthave forms technology for1 Three Must Have Forms Of Technology For Small Businesses

A portable projector is great both in the office and on the go whenever you’re making presentations to employees or potential clients. These pocketsize devices will project images onto any flat surface after syncing with your mobile devices or laptop.

VoIP Phone Service

three musthave forms technology for2 Three Must Have Forms Of Technology For Small Businesses

Traditional phone lines aren’t nearly as popular as internet telephony and VoIP providers because small businesses are finding that they can save a lot of money by making the switch. Some really neat VoIP features include call forwarding to your mobile phone and even your home phone so that important calls are never missed while you’re away from the office, as well as voicemail to email transcriptions. Call screening features take caller ID to a whole new level, allowing you to disconnect calls you don’t want to take or redirect calls to another phone, such as your mobile phone. Many other features are also provided with this type of phone service, and you can decide which ones are best for your small business.

By investing in the newest pieces of technology, you can drive your small business forward for years to come. From the right phone service to the latest projectors and scanners, there are many new pieces of equipment that can make your business more effective.

This guest post was written by Tim Butler; he works inVoIP Superstore, an affordable VoIP provider in Vaughan. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading tech magazines.

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