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The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Out of Court

The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Out of Court


DIVORCE MOLLE  The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Out of Court

The Advantages of Settling your Divorce out of Court

It’s a fact that divorces can turn into a messy, out-of-control nightmare. Both husbands and wives can recall horror stories about their divorce. Besides the emotional turmoil, divorces can also get expensive due to the constant back-and-forth with attorneys and motions filed in court.

But divorce does not have to be this way; instead, the process can go smoothly if both parties are willing to cooperate with each other. By learning from what others have gone through and being willing to do the work, you can minimize the pain and stress of this ordeal.

Five things to do Before Going to Court

You and your spouse can avoid major difficulties when you decide to settle your divorce out of court. Negotiating the details of your divorce before going to court can save you both time and money.There are several steps you can take towards reaping the benefits of an out-of-court divorce:

1. Determine who will stay and who will leave

Deciding which spouse will keep the marital home is sometimes a point of contention in divorces. In some cases, the spouse who has custody of the children stays in the home while in other cases, both spouses agree to sell the marital home. Working this out amicably will be a major accomplishment in the process.

2. Keep the lines of communication open

One of the many reasons for the breakdown of a marriage is the lack of communication or miscommunication between the spouses. The same can happen during the divorce process. By talking openly with your spouse and letting him or her say what they want, you will have a better chance of settling your divorce in a respectful manner.

3. Determine your assets and debts

List all of your assets, such as stocks and bank accounts, pension or retirement plans, and your debts, such as joint credit card accounts and mortgage loans. Also list any separate assets or debts. Determining your net worth will help you, or your attorney, decide how to split assets and debts in a fair and equitable manner.

4. Avoid threatening your spouse

Spouses who don’t appear to be getting what they want or become frustrated during the process might issue an ultimatum: “If you don’t do X then I won’t do Y. You have five minutes to decide.” This move only leads to more frustration and can derail the negotiation process.

  5. Set priorities

Taking care of your children should be your first priority. If they are minors, both you and your spouse should determine with whom they should live daily and how child support will be handled. Child custody, visitation and child support are sometimes best handled with the assistance of an attorney.

Do you Need an Attorney?

The more you and your spouse can work together, the better the results. However, there may be times when you reach an impasse and need help. This is the time when you need to contact experienced legal counsel, whether that means Orlando FL divorce attorneys or a New York family law firm.

Divorce attorneys have the skills to help couples reach resolutions, especially when there are strong disagreements. Couples who want to save money have hired the same attorney; however, this is not always advisable. But, retaining an attorney will help you to finalize your marriage in a civil manner.

Author, artist, and single mom Molly Pearce knows the struggles one faces when dealing with the divorce process. She looked to the internet when researching for herself and her readers and found the site of Orlando FL divorce attorneys, Katz & Phillips, P.A. to be informative and helpful. They have aided hundreds of Florida couples coping with divorce, in and out of court.

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