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Say Yes to Early Holiday Planning

Say Yes to Early Holiday Planning


Baking holiday cookies

Spend time enjoying holiday baking instead of stressing.

From the festive holiday lights to the happy caroling, upcoming holiday cheer can instigate a panic if you’re not prepared for the December blitz. Planning ahead, shopping early and conquering tasks as a family while having fun beat holiday stress. Make this the year that you actually enjoy the holidays stress-free.

Holiday Card Prep

The holidays are exciting and happy, so why not celebrate early? Start with the family holiday card. Take that great family photo from your August camping trip and pre-order holiday cards online. Address the cards while drinking a pumpkin latte during your spare time and have them ready to send once December rolls around. Minted has great deals on holiday cards that feature unique layouts and styling options. Make it a family affair and get everyone’s opinions as you shop and customize your holidays cards.

The Holiday Shopping Mentality

Cultivate a habit of looking for great gift ideas and stocking stuffers at any time. Create the mindset that you’re always on the lookout. It’ll take the financial strain off the holiday season by evening out your spending and eliminating the dreaded stress and anxiety that accompanies shopping on a deadline. If anything, make it your goal to mitigate those last-minute trips to the mall on December 24. Even download the Black Friday app and maximize your holiday shopping right after that delicious turkey dinner.

Also, signing up for regular emails from favorite boutiques and daily deal sites helps keep holiday shopping at your top-of-mind awareness. Stores and daily deal sites like Plum District have apps that make it easier to browse inventory and check prices while you are on the go. Barcode scanner apps can quickly scan an item’s price and tell you the lowest price online. Even if you prefer in-store shopping, price checking can help you stick to a budget.

Family Fun

Okay matriach, holiday planning doesn’t have to be a one woman show. Give yourself a break; you can’t do everything. Prioritize your duties and get your spouse and children to help too. Also, planning and executing holiday tasks can actually create memories with your loved ones. Bake candy cane cookies with your 5 year old while the “Santa Claus” plays on TV. Make holiday shopping into a special date night with your husband.

Create a to-do wishlist that identifies tasks for holiday parties, home decorating and other obligations. As the holidays approach, re-assess your to-do list and eliminate what you can’t do because of time and money. Then assign age-appropriate responsibilities to family members, and make it fun. Oprah suggests making meals ahead and freezing them to reclaim a little extra time near the holidays. Invite your family to weigh in on new holiday dishes and desserts to experiment with this year. For fun, create a pretend cooking show with your kids as your cook and bake up a frenzy in the kitchen while listening to favorite Christmas carols.


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