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Quality Christening Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls T

Quality Christening Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls T


The christening of a newborn baby girl in the family is a big deal, and to celebrate the occasion the parents may have arranged a party at a special venue after the service or a gathering of family and friends to mark the special day. Choosing a gift to give to the child doesn’t need to be difficult and there are plenty of ideas when it comes to giving something special that will stand out from the rest of the gifts to suit every budget and taste as well.

plush lion Quality Christening Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls T


Picture frames are an ideal gift idea for a christening because they are simple and don’t need to be expensive and are therefore perfect for anyone that is on a bit of a budget. Personalized frames are readily available in a range of gift stores and online and they can be customized to suit a baby boy or girl. A girl’s design might be covered in butterflies, hearts or stars or can be a simple silver frame with the baby’s name engraved in the metal. The size and style of the frame are up to you, and it is a great gift for any parent that wants to be able to display a beautiful picture of their baby girl in their home.


Different types of jewelry are really popular gifts for christenings and are greatly appreciated by parents. Whether you opt for an engraved bangle, a customized pendant, or a ring, these are all truly special gifts that can last a lifetime which means that they can be special to the baby girl even when she is grown up!


Buying christening clothing for the baby is more of a gift that family members do, so if you are planning on getting accessories or the best heirloom christening gowns for the newborn, make sure that you look for a style and quality the parents are happy with. Modern styles can look beautiful, but an antique style gown is a beautiful reminder of a very special day and can be passed down the generations for more christenings in the future.


For a cheaper option, you can choose a plaque which can be hung in the garden, or most likely in the baby’s nursery. Names, messages or even words from famous children’s books or the bible can be added to these plaques. You also have a range of choices when it comes to the size of the plaque, the colors you are going to pick or any graphics that might be added to it. Alternatively, you could get a print that can be fixed to a bedroom wall which has something similar. This is a meaningful yet cost effective gift for a christening.


Baby spoons are a very traditional gift, and if you are at a loss as to what to get a baby girl then a personalized christening spoon is a great idea. If you don’t want to personalize it, you can simply wrap it nicely. However, personalizing the spoon (similar to personalized jewelry) has the added advantage that the girl’s parents can have it as a keepsake when she grows up. Egg cups and engraved bowls are also a popular choice in case you wanted to give more than just one item.


The great thing about giving a toy to a baby for a christening present is that you know that she is going to enjoy playing with it straight away. A rattle, a teething ring or even a big teddy bear is a great choice for a gift and doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

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If you want to think of something that the baby can use, gifts such as cushions, blankets or even cots are a great option. All of these can be customized as with many other christening gifts. Blankets can have the baby’s name embroidered into one corner, whereas a teddy bear can have a name and christening date appliquéd onto its ear or stomach so that it can be played with or put on display. A cot is a great gift for a few people to team up and buy together, and putting a child’s name on the head of the cot makes it truly special.



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