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Inspirational Marquee Party Themes – Be Unique and Original

Inspirational Marquee Party Themes – Be Unique and Original


A marquee can provide the perfect venue for any event you are hosting, whether it is a birthday party, wedding reception or a get-together with friends. Hiring a marquee is an affordable and flexible option, allowing you to host your party in your back garden without having to worry about the weather. If you are planning on throwing a themed marquee party, but are stuck for ideas, check out these unique and original party themes which you can use for inspiration.

James Bond

Everyone loves James Bond, so why not throw a 007 themed party? You can transform your marquee into a glamorous casino, with roulette tables and a cocktail bar serving martinis (shaken not stirred). Make sure that all of your guests dress for the occasion in stylish tuxedos and cocktail dresses. With the right lighting and accessories you can have a fabulous James Bond themed night.

Wonderland marquee party Inspirational Marquee Party Themes   Be Unique and Original

Your guests are sure to have an enchanting night at your Alice in Wonderland marquee party.

Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland may be a children’s book, but there’s no reason it can’t be your chosen theme for an adult marquee party. Transform your marquee into a whimsical wonderland by decorating it with clocks, playing cards and heart cut outs. Set up a Mad Hatter’s table at one end of the marquee where guests can drink wine from tea cups and enjoy a fabulous banquet. Things like ‘drink me’ shots and ‘eat me’ cupcakes are sure to go down a treat.


Bollywood nights are always good fun. Dress your marquee up in traditional Indian décor and hire either belly or fire dancers to perform at your event. You may even want to hire someone to teach your guests some new moves! At one end of the marquee set up banquet tables where your guests can enjoy some of their favourite traditional Indian dishes.

Night at the Oscars

The Oscars is the most glamorous night of the year for celebrities, but it can often leave us ordinary folk feeling a little left out! Rather than sitting at home watching it on the television, why not throw your own Oscar party in your back garden? Simply dress your marquee in extravagant décor, using gold ornaments as accents on each table. Lay down a red carpet for your guests to walk down and hire waiters to hand out champagne throughout the night. You could even take your Oscars night a step further by handing out your own awards to guests! An Oscars themed party will be a night your guests certainly won’t forget.

British garden party Inspirational Marquee Party Themes   Be Unique and Original

Keep calm and throw a British garden party!

Keep calm and party on

If you are looking for a truly unique marquee theme idea, why not throw a British themed garden party? Decorate your marquee with colourful bunting and set up a little seating area where you can serve a civilised cream tea! So many stores now sell ‘keep calm and carry on’ merchandise, so look out for things like flags and balloons which you can use to decorate your marquee. If the weather permits it, set up traditional games for your guests to play outside such as croquet and lawn bowls.


Host a themed marquee party and you are sure to have a fabulous time with your guests. There are so many different themes to choose from, however if you want your party to be the highlight of the year, we suggest picking something unique and original, like the inspirational themes featured in this article! If you are looking to hire a marquee, visit the website of Premier Event Marquees who will have a variety to choose from.

Throwing a themed marquee party isn’t as hard as it sounds. Simply think about the decorations that will complement your theme, along with the things your guests will want to do at your party and you will be on your way to creating a perfect night.

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