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How To Reclaim Space After Your Child Moves To College

How To Reclaim Space After Your Child Moves To College


When college-bound children move out of the house, it will be quite difficult for parents. The transition will be slow; however, parents should be able to move on and function as normally as possible despite their child being away from them. One of the things that many parents do to deal with the changes is reclaiming the space that their child left behind.

As a parent, you need to acknowledge the benefits of having an empty nest in your house. For one, you will have an extra room; however, you should keep in mind though that your child will come home for the holidays or summer vacation. With that said, you may want to reclaim the space but you don’t want to deprive your college kid a place to stay when he’s home. So how should you go about reclaiming the space and how soon should you start?

how reclaim space after child How To Reclaim Space After Your Child Moves To College

Inform Your Child: He might be moving out, but it is still his room. To that end, you need to be more sensitive about reclaiming the space. With that said, you need to inform him about what you are planning to do with the space; however, you need to assure him that he can still use the room whenever he comes home. In addition, it is also a good idea to ask him to list down the things he wants to keep and the things that can be thrown away or donated.

Make Your Child Understand: To avoid encountering problems, you need to ensure that your child understands why you want to reclaim the space. If he is worried that he won’t have a place to come home to, you need to reassure him. You need to make him understand that he can come home during vacation, holidays, or whenever he wants to, and he will still have his room; however, you also need to explain that it won’t look like it once did. By communicating the changes you will make to his room, he won’t be surprised and feel bad about the changes when he comes home.

Decide What To Do With His Stuff: The most important issue when reclaiming your child’s room is where you should place his things. Of course, he will be bringing some stuff with him when he moves to college, but there will always be a lot of things he will need to leave behind. So what should you do with his stuff? The best advice is to put it into storage. If he has given you the things you can throw away or donate, you can place the rest in a separate storage location. In doing so, he will still have access to them but the items won’t be cluttering your house and taking up valuable space.

Create A Multi-Functioning Room: This means that no matter what you decide to do with the space that your child left behind, you still need to allocate a space where he can sleep and put his new stuff when he comes home. In doing so, he will still have a space at home when he returns for the summer or holidays. With that said, even if you have turned his room into your home office, you still need to allocate enough closet space and place a sofa bed in the room.

It is only natural to want to reclaim the space once your college kid moves out of the house. You can start reclaiming the space as soon as you want, but you first have to deal with his stuff and talk to him. Lastly, you need to make your child understand that home is family, not his room.

Kris Hopkins has a child who recently moved out of the house to go to college. She offers these tips for parents who want to reclaim the space that their college kid left behind. She also recommends her readers to put important items in secured storage units at US Storage Centers.

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