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How To Enjoy New Years Eve Without Consuming Alcohol Excessively

How To Enjoy New Years Eve Without Consuming Alcohol Excessively


A lot of people attend social gatherings on New Year’s Eve and plenty of alcohol is often consumed in these gatherings. Tough they drink responsibly, there are also people who binge drink and sadly, they are both men and women from different age groups. The habit of binge drinking especially during special occasions is very dangerous as the risk of violence and accidents increases. Aside from the possibilities of getting injured in road accidents and being hospitalized, there is an increased risk of numerous health conditions as well. The need to prevent alcohol intoxication on New Year’s Eve is essential for personal safety and health, and so that everyone can have a good time.

how enjoy new years eve How To Enjoy New Years Eve Without Consuming Alcohol Excessively

The Amount Of Alcohol Consumed During New Year’s Eve

We can never tell the estimated or exact amount of alcohol consumption on New Year’s Eve. However, it is understood that a night of nationwide filled partying with large gatherings will have excessive alcohol consumption. The only sufficient evidence we have that supports the assumptions that alcohol consumption increases during festive seasons is the increased alcohol sales throughout the country. It is also possible to use the increase number of DUI accidents, alcohol abuse and fatal alcohol poisoning incidents during the season as reliable indicators of the amount of alcohol consumed on New Year’s Eve.

Can Alcohol Be Consumed In Healthy Quantities?

Alcohol consumption does not have to be extreme. You do not have to drink until you pass out or find yourself crawling to your bed. You can consume alcohol in healthy quantities which means drinking alcohol in moderate quantities that keep short and long terms health risks of alcohol consumption at bay. It is recommended that both men and women of adult ages consume no more than two to four standard drinks at a time. However, those who will be travelling and driving or attending more than one party should avoid consuming alcohol as the travel time will wear them down making alcohol more dominant in their system, and driving while intoxicated or under the influence can lead to car accidents which can cause damage, injuries and even death.

The Risks When Alcohol Is Consumed Excessively

There is various short and long term health risks associated to excessive alcohol intoxication. Such risks include – Cardiovascular disorders

  • Stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Liver disorders
  • Mouth, liver, throat and breast cancers

Aside from the short and long term health risks involved, there are also other consequences associated to excessive drinking and these can inflicted a lot of problems in life. These consequences are –

  • Moderate to serious hangovers
  • Social embarrassment to self, family members and friends
  • Conflict within families
  • Psychological health issues
  • Unhealthy sexual relationship with partners
  • Alcohol related violence
  • Various injuries
  • Economical problems due to excessive spending on alcohol and when the need for a lawyer arises when DUI and disorderly conduct arrests are made
  • Road accidents which are life threatening to self and others involved in the accident and can alter lives when arrested with various DUI charges

How To Enjoy The New Year’s Eve Without Excessive Alcohol Consumption

You can still enjoy the New Year’s Eve without excessive alcohol consumption by –

  • Eating before drinking alcohol
  • Monitoring and controlling your alcohol consumption
  • Planning your night before partying such as arranging to stay over at a friend’s home instead of drinking home
  • Taking the cab home instead of driving
  • Opting to attend alcohol free gatherings
  • Staying busy dancing and chatting with friends to distract you from having more drinks

Valerie Terger is a freelance writer specializing in health, well being and various legal topics. She offers tips on how to enjoy without posing harm on oneself and others, while offering advice on to avoid risks associated to alcohol. Read more about the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption here.

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