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Haunted Vacation Beach Ideas For The South Bay Area

Haunted Vacation Beach Ideas For The South Bay Area


Each year as the frightfully fun Halloween season approaches, several South Bay area haunted houses go into full steam providing some of the most frightfully delightful entertainment venues of the season, with tricks and treats for kids of all ages. There are many area attractions better suited for older children and adults as well as venues perfectly suited for the whole family. One of the more notable haunted houses in the Venice area, Eternal Rest Cemetery, provides free frights and chills for the Halloween fiend in every family. Each year this group of makeup artists and chill seekers create a ghoulish spectacle that will scare you half to death. The undead lurk around every corner as they make their way from the great beyond to terrorize visitors eager to catch a glimpse of this spectacle. While this may be a more PG-13 variety of haunted house visitors will love knowing they can enter free of charge.

haunted vacation beach ideas for Haunted Vacation Beach Ideas For The South Bay Area

And if one haunted house isn’t enough to quench your thirst for the macabre, there are many more haunted vacation destinations in the area for the thrills and chills that only the South Bay area can provide. Another nearby Halloween attraction, also free of charge, is the House At Haunted Hill. This Woodland Hills haunted house is put on by movie industry professionals and is one of the more high tech haunted houses the area has to offer. This cast of frightening characters and the creators truly love Halloween and have made this very family friendly.

Mangler’s Haunted Asylum

Mangler’s Haunted Asylum is yet another spot that draws many to its doors each and every year. This attraction is modeled after a series of grisly murders that gripped residents of the LA area more than 20 years ago that are still yet to be solved. Today this tale of unsolved murder and mayhem is fuel for one of the area’s most frightful haunted house attractions. Zombies patrol the grounds and lurk around every corner ready to scare you out of your skin. The dead bodies that serve as proof of the Mangler’s penchant for violence and death litter the grounds and await your discovery as you navigate the narrow passageways that connect the torture chambers and cells that once housed the unsuspecting victims at Mangler’s Haunted Asylum. Tickets can be purchased for a mere $20, and this haunted house is better suited for those 14 and over.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

For those seeking a more realistic look and feel, the creators of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios have put together one of the most frightening haunted houses in the area. With 19 total nights of showings between September 27- November 2nd,there is plenty of time to get your tickets and enjoy some of the Halloween fun and excitement only Universal Studios can provide. Tickets to this attraction can range from $44 to $74 for general admission, $119 – $139 for Front of the Line passes and day/night combo tickets can be purchased for around the same price. But if you are seeking a VIP experience, VIP tickets are available from between $209-$239.

Queen Mary Haunted Hotel Ship

But if you are seeking a more authentic and realistic haunted experience, a great place for chills and thrills is the truly frightening location now known as the Queen Mary Hotel. This once stately and innovative sea vessel fit for a king, and so named for his queen, found itself in full service to the military during WWII where many souls were lost. It has since has been featured on television shows dealing with the paranormal and is now of one of the most visited haunted places in the United States. A truly stunning former ocean liner now turned haunted hotel, this historic ship is considered to be one of the most frightening places in the area. Visitors can spend the evening in one of the many guest rooms and experience a frightful rest with the dead that still roam the this once majestic ship. Families also enjoy spending the Halloween Holiday touring this ghoulishly fantastic attraction for the Dark Harbor exhibition the staff of the Queen Mary put on each year. With the undead staff and performers roaming the ship in its entirety, fear and horror await all who come here.  Tickets to this frightfully fun family experience can be purchased starting at around $20.

The World Famous Pumpkin Race Festival

But not all of the Halloween attractions of the area are so frightening that the whole family can’t enjoy them. The World Famous Pumpkin Race Festival of Manhattan Beach will provide hours of family fun and enjoyment for children of all ages. In fact, this year marks the 23rd annual running of the World Famous Pumpkin Race. This family oriented Halloween celebration will offer an endless array of activities and Halloween fun. Families can purchase racing pumpkin kits for around $20 and get in on the competition, or simply sit back and enjoy the festivities that surround this fun filled Halloween spectacle. While the event itself is free to enter there are plenty of vendors and retailers with a vast array of Halloween treats available for sale.

Don Stevens works in communications, representing several companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. He suggests you visit the South Bay area, which is rich with history, culture, and attractions for the whole family. If you fall in love with the area, The South Bay Residential Team can help you find a spectacular place in South Bay, or the surrounding area. They are dedicated to bring you updated listings in the area to help you decide to make the move.

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