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Custom Engagement Ring – Tips On How To Customize It!

Custom Engagement Ring – Tips On How To Customize It!


One thing that every woman loves to own is customized jewelry tailored especially for her. When buying an engagement ring for your girlfriend, a unique and custom made engagement ring is the best option as there are thousands of designs and cuts that you can choose from, for a special hand crafted engagement ring. If you are unsure about the kind of design you should opt for, then you can take your lady love with you and let her choose the design; after all she is the one who will be flaunting the ring all her life. If a surprise proposal is not your thing, then you can be safe by letting your would be bride to decide the design of the ring.

engagement ring Custom Engagement Ring   Tips On How To Customize It!

You can design a custom engagement ring that suits your budget and reflects your personal taste and style. You will be spoilt for choice as the options are unlimited and you can have a little bit of everything in your personalized custom engagement ring. Let us take a look at a few different things you can choose from to make your customized engagement ring.


A customized ring can be crafted from various precious and semi precious metals. You can choose from yellow gold (14k or 18k), white gold, platinum or silver; based on your budget and the preference of the metal.


There are numerous types of engagement rings you can choose from; the most famous being vintage inspired Edwardian engagement rings, classic solitaire designs, filigree engagement rings, modern and contemporary designs with geometrical curves, moissanite engagement rings or other glamorous designs.  If your bride to be prefers intricate artwork, then filigree and moissanite rings are a safe bet. If she prefers clear cut solitaires then you are safe with a single solitaire (as per your budget) or opt for a contemporary design if she is a fashionista who doesn’t believe in the romanticized antique rings and when diamonds don’t impress her.


You will be spoilt for choice in the different stones that are available; diamonds and solitaires are your best bet or you can choose from the wide range of colorful (precious and semi-precious) gemstones that can offer a distinct look to your custom engagement ring. In precious stones you can opt for emeralds, ruby, amethyst, sapphire etc or opt for her birthstone to engrave in the ring. If you don’t have the budget for diamonds and your bride-to-be doesn’t bother with real diamonds then Cubic Zirconium Rings are a good deal as they look exactly like diamonds and you will have ample designs and cuts to choose from.

Engrave and Embossed

The good thing about customized rings is the fact that they can be engraved with a personal message or the couples name for a romantic feel, so go ahead and scribble a personalized message for your loved one.

The thing with custom engagement rings is the fact that you can have the entire ring created from scratch as per your personal choice and incorporate different elements like metal, stones, designs and artwork to make a personalized and exclusive ring for your bride-to-be.


Kc mouli is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on how to choose and select custom engagement rings; please feel free to share if you have any additional tips or suggestions on engagement rings.

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