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4 Smart Furniture Choices for Infants and Parents

4 Smart Furniture Choices for Infants and Parents


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4 Smart Furniture Choices for Infants and Parents

Not surprisingly, just like technology – baby furniture has grown into much more sophisticated fare. Gone are the days of singular white painted cribs and furnishings that barely made it to the toddler stage.

The newest trends in baby’s furniture are pieces that are often designed to go from cradle to at least young child and well beyond. Below are 4 smart furniture choices that parents can make for infants that are designed to grow along with them.

1) Baby Play Yards
Changing tables have long since become a thing of the past. Since they can only be used while the baby is in diapers, the cost of around $200 cannot be justified. This is why parents typically opt to use a baby play yard that has a built in changing table.

Their portability makes them one of the more useful items for around the home and travel, yet are so well crafted that they look nice in any decor. They can also be used as a sleeping area or playpen in virtually any location, including outside.

2) High Chairs
The modern day high chair has grown into a much more useful design since most of them double as a booster seat. Ergonomic and adjustable high chairs also have sturdy frames.

Some high chairs can also be used as bouncers with removable seats, while others convert to a child sized chair that sits closer to the ground as the baby gets older. The handy tray can also be used as a play or work table for children later.

3) Armoires
Nursery furniture has also changed a great deal over the years. Instead of a baby style chest of drawers, armoires have become a new trend due to their great looks and versatility.

They come in a wide variety styles and colors to suit any palate or purpose. Best of all, as baby grows; armoires can be used to store toys, electronics and can easily transition to other areas of the home.

4) Cribs
The cribs of today have unlimited elements that are inspired by the highest quality construction, but also have multipurpose attributes. Convertible cribs offer designs that are suitable for each gender, while lending themselves to traditional nursery styles if desired.

For instance, the new lifetime cribs are made to last and see a child well into young adult years. Some include built in drawers for toy and other storage, making them even more useful and space saving.

Modular cribs include the unique quality of changing from baby to toddler beds, day beds, and sometimes, even desks. Just one piece of furniture could actually take on four different personalities quite easily.

Best of all, these cribs can be fashioned to use as a bed for the baby and then easily swapped into a play area. Later, these types of cribs can be converted into small functional desks for gadgets and laptops.

Parents today are looking for more practical pieces rather than cutesy types of furniture for their children. Often, the goal is to find pieces that can work for as many as ten years or more.

With any luck, a great number of these pieces could go from cradle to college and beyond. Also, the longer a piece of baby furniture can last, the less expensive it is over time.

Jamica Bell is a blogger and proud  grandparent of a toddler and preschooler. She contributes this article to highlight the versitility of modern infant furniture. During her research she found to be an excellent resource for how technology and innovation plays a part in modernizing infant accessories for both parent and infants.


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