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Wall Art For Kids Bedrooms

Wall Art For Kids Bedrooms


When it comes to Kid’s bedrooms, the décor is one of the most important factors for expressing personality and creativity. A child’s bedroom should be a magical place where children can grow, learn and develop. By decorating your child’s room by using different types of Wall art, you can give your child a room which they will love and admire.

wall stickers Wall Art For Kids Bedrooms

Here are a few low-budget ways of decorating using Wall art:

Children’s Murals

Children’s Murals are a fantastic way of adding an instant piece of Wall art into your child’s bedroom. There are so many different Kids’ murals available, and you can now purchase peel and stick murals for lots of creative fun.  Create a focal point in your child’s room; put placing a large mural directly behind their bed.  A decorative Mural will instantly capture an audience and add extra dimension to the room.

Wall Stickers

Wall art stickers are another convenient and cost-effective way of transforming your Kid’s bedroom within minutes.  You can choose whatever design, style, colour and size you fancy, and watch the look on their faces when their bedroom is transformed. When applied correctly, wall art stickers should last between 5 to 10 years. They are a fantastic alternative to messy paint, and will save you hours of time putting up wallpaper.

One of the great advantages of using Wall art stickers in a kid’s bedroom is that they are extremely versatile. You can place them on many different surfaces, such as mirrors, bedsteads, dressers, doors, and walls. They are very easy to remove when you want to change a particular design or colour.  Kids can have lots of fun helping parents apply their decals and pick out designs which they would like in their rooms.

Personalize it!

By creating a bespoke piece of Wall art, you can really make a child’s room feel special and personal to them.  With Wall art stickers, you can easily create a personal message, name or quote which is special to your child. Wall quote stickers are extremely popular pieces of Wall art. You can easily place a wall quote in sections around your child’s room, or create a name plaque sticker and apply to their door. The possibilities are truly endless.


Photos are a lovely way of adding personal touches to a child’s bedroom. Place them in colourful frames, or blow special pictures up and mount directly on the wall. Photos can also be used with other pieces of decorate wall art to create a beautiful montage display.


Canvas is another fun wall art option which has so many different uses. Kids can have fun painting a piece of canvas, or making a unique piece of art work. Be as creative as you like – use paints, silk flowers, beads, buttons and ribbon to design your canvas. Photos and pictures can also be stuck onto canvas, and then mounted. Black and White Photos are particular effective on canvas.  Don’t be afraid to let your child experiment with Canvas – its lots of fun and making a unique piece of Wall art can really personalize a bedroom.

Alison Evans is a Home decor and Creative Writer, who is passionate about improving homes with colour and Wall art designs. She is the owner and founder of the website and blog Wallart2u.com.

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