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The Real Costs of a DUI: How Will You Pay?

The Real Costs of a DUI: How Will You Pay?


2 BOTTLES The Real Costs of a DUI: How Will You Pay?

The Real Costs of a DUI: How Will You Pay?

When most people think about the consequences that are associated with a DUI, they fail to consider the financial and emotional impact that goes beyond simple fines. For example, the initial fine that you pay might only cost $500, but the total cost of paying for legal representation and additional items such as an annual driver’s responsibility fee can quickly add up to over $10,000. Most people do not have enough money sitting around to pay this much without dealing with financial issues. However, even if you are able to simply pull $10,000 out of the bank to cover your expenses, there will still be additional costs that will have an impact on your life.

What Else can I Expect to Pay for a DUI?

1. Time – In many states, part of the legal punishment for a DUI involves either time in jail or community service. Either way, you will lose time that could have otherwise been spent making money, and this makes it even harder for people to come up with all of the necessary legal fees and fines.

2. Your License – It is common for people who are convicted of a DUI to temporarily lose their license. This will definitely cause you a lot of inconvenience, and it can also lead to much more severe consequences. For instance, according to a North Carolina defense attorney, in the state of North Carolina you can lose your license for one year or indefinitely depending on the number of offenses.

3. Your Job – If you are unable to make it to work on time because you lose your license, it is likely that you will be terminated. Additionally, many companies have a clause in place that enables them to fire employees who are convicted of a DUI.

4. Your Insurance Rates will Increase – Much like your employer, your insurance provider will probably have a clause in place that protects them if you get a DUI. As soon as they find out about your conviction, they will either drop your policy or dramatically increase your rates.

5. Your Reputation – DUIs are one of the leading causes of traffic injuries and fatalities. Because of this, it is common for people who are arrested for a DUI to be vilified by their local community.

6. You could Lose Your Relationship – The stress that is placed on a relationship after a DUI can be enormous, especially if the person who was arrested ends up losing their job.

7. Your Children could be Taken Away – If you are a single parent, the state has the right to remove your children from your household after a DUI, especially if their other parent files a petition to be granted full custody.

8. Your Future Job Prospects will be Reduced – Once you have a misdemeanor or felony DUI on your record, it will be more difficult to get certain jobs.

If you are arrested for a DUI, it is imperative to contact an attorney immediately. After all, an arrest is not a conviction, and with a skilled DUI lawyer on your side, it is possible to get an acquittal and avoid the consequences listed above.

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