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Soothing A Baby: 5 Tricks for Calming a Fussy Child

Soothing A Baby: 5 Tricks for Calming a Fussy Child


BABY CRY Soothing A Baby: 5 Tricks for Calming a Fussy Child

Soothing A Baby: 5 Tricks for Calming a Fussy Child

Trying to soothe an infant who will not quit crying can be an emotionally wrenching experience for most parents. Despite their best efforts to calm their crying little one, people sometimes have no idea what is upsetting their baby and how they can help soothe him or her.

Babies cry for a variety of reasons, most of which can be easily detected by parents. However, there may be times when parents must try new methods to calm their wailing infant. Rather than give into feelings of helpless and frustration, parents can these 5 helpful tips.


It used to be that child rearing experts strongly urged parents to avoid walking with their crying babies. These experts argued that infants would become so used to being walked that they would not want to be laid down to rest in their cribs. However, today’s child experts agree that walking can be a viable way to calm an upset little one. The repetitive motions could soothe an infant’s anxieties and lull him or her to sleep.

Baby Bouncers

Many newborns wail because they are colicky. Colic continues to be a mystery to pediatricians and parents alike. However, many pediatricians theorize that babies cry from colic because they are experiencing significant gas and bloating pains. Parents could help their infants pass gas and soothe their bloating discomfort by placing their little ones in baby bouncers. A baby bouncer’s motions can soothe an upset child with its repetitive, bouncing motions. The best baby bouncer can also include vibrations or calming music.

Tummy Time

Sometimes babies cry because they are bored. They may get tired of sitting or lying down in the same position all the time. When their infant is crying for no apparent reason, parents may try placing their little one on his or her stomach. Sometimes the pressure of lying on his or her stomach can soothe a wailing infant and help them self-soothe.


Most parents appreciate their baby’s pacifiers. These soothers provide instant relief for most infant tantrums, particularly when little ones are suffering from tooth pain or fatigue. Many types of pacifiers can be found in stores today. Parents are advised to choose a style that fits their infant’s mouth safely and does not cause their child to choke. Likewise, pediatricians warn parents to avoid buying those models that are filled with water or gel. These liquids could be expelled from the pacifier’s nipple and cause a child to choke.

Music or TV

While most parents disdain of placing their child in front of a TV, some babies are soothed by the bright colors and unusual movements taking place on the TV screen. They do not understand what they are watching, nor may they see it very well. However, the colors and motions might captivate a crying infant. Likewise, music can be a great soother for wailing little ones. Parents can even sing to their babies in a bid to calm them down.

Few parents are prepared for the exhaustive crying spells to which infants are often prone. Each crying spell calls for a different remedy. However, people can avoid the feelings of panic and helplessness when they try these helpful suggestions.

Melanie Fleury is the mother of four children who all spend time being fussy and needing soothing. She has found the best baby bouncer can be a simple automatic bouncer or include all the bells and whistles. As you get to know your baby, you will find what works the best for your family. Enjoy this time as it is all to fleeting.

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