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Smoking Marijuana for Diabetes: Is This Really Legal?

Smoking Marijuana for Diabetes: Is This Really Legal?


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Smoking Marijuana for Diabetes: Is This Really Legal?

Most individuals who develop diseases or medical conditions are often able to handle or eliminate them with prescription drugs or some other type of treatment. Individuals who have diabetes, however, will be facing a lifelong condition that will require constant care.

Because of this, researchers are always on the lookout for new treatments; and in some cases, these treatments can even help prevent the development of the condition. Surprisingly, studies are increasingly showing that marijuana may accomplish just that.

Marijuana as a Treatment

It’s been long accepted that smoking marijuana helps in reducing nausea and relieving pain related to several diseases. This is why cancer patients undergoing chemo are often prescribed the drug in states where medical marijuana is legal.

Scientists are quickly discovering, however, that the drug may have further applications than simply making a person feel better when undergoing other treatments. Though this is a fact that many herbalist and homepathic professionals have stated for years, the medical field has finally provided acknowledgment.

Some scientists are now claiming that marijuana can also help conditions such as epilepsy and colitis. For those with diabetes, however, the drug is offering a potential treatment that could control their body’s insulin levels and help control the disease.

Companies are coming out with everything from synthetic marijuana to mouth sprays containing THC, the active drug in marijuana, but many people still question whether this is just an excuse to get high.

The Science

The May 2013 issue of the American Journal of Medicine published a study of the effects of medical marijuana on diabetes specifically. Scientists found that diabetics using the drug had more diabetic control and a decreased resistance to insulin in their bodies.

This benefit was only found in diabetics who currently used marijuana as opposed to those who had used it in the past. It should also be noted that researchers believe that the drug can actually prevent the disease as well.

They said that marijuana users had better good cholesterol levels compared to non-users. Waist circumferences were also decreased in users, and both of these benefits can go towards preventing the development of the condition.


Federal law still recognizes marijuana as an illegal drug, and this means that, if the mood strikes them, federal law enforcement authorities can affect an arrest anywhere in America related to marijuana possession.

This holds true even if medical marijuana is legal in the state where a person has possession of it. It should also be noted that, even in states where medical marijuana is legal, an individual will likely be arrested for possession if they’re on federal lands (ie. national parks).  

For example, individuals in the state of New Jersey are able to utilize this drug for medical purposes. However, motorist may still receive penalties for DWI in New Jersey if pulled over under suspicion. This would be true regardless of if the state has legalized the drug or not.

Unfortunately, even those in states where medical marijuana is legal and who are not on federal lands can face prosecution. Just because medical marijuana is legal doesn’t mean that just anyone can use the drug.


An individual should have their medical marijuana card on them at all times to avoid arrest. If federal authorities attempt to make an arrest, it’s also imperative to not try to fight against or avoid the arrest. This will only make matters worse.

Anyone arrested for possession of marijuana, especially when it’s being used for medical purposes, should seek legal help immediately. An attorney can request that charges be dismissed before a trial if it can be shown that there is no probable cause to believe the drug wasn’t being used for medical purposes.

Sadly, people who try to defend themselves against these charges, especially in federal court, oftentimes regret not finding an attorney to help with their charges.

Unfortunately, medical marijuana is still considered illegal by Federal law, but several states have recognized the benefit that the drug can have for their citizens. Because of this, the drug has been legalized by state referendum, legislation and initiatives in at least 20 states across the nation.

Regrettably, an individual can still be arrested anywhere under Federal law or even state law if they’re in possession of marijuana somewhere that it’s still illegal. This is why everyone should be prepared to fight a criminal charge if they treat their diabetes with marijuana.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and blogger. She contributes this article to highlight the importance of knowing state marijuana laws for diabetic patients. Penalties for DWI in New Jersey is a serious consequence for some diabetic patients using medical marijuana as treatment. Evan M. Levow, New Jersey DWI attorney, has used his vast knowledge and experience to defended countless clients charged with driving while intoxicated.


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