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Publicity event photographer

Publicity event photographer


When we say Photography, it instantly drives one into the memories of the most important events of one’s life like the wedding ceremony or a corporate event or prom for example. Be it any event or gathering, all you need is a good and professional photographer with an expertise to capture the best moments of the entire event without missing out on anything. And this becomes even more an intricate requirement for a publicity event photographer if the event is organized in order to add a boost to the business, increase the sales and revenue or increase the number of customers or even build a brand image for the business.

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What is a publicity event?

An event which is organized with an idea to build the business or add value to the business by means of publicizing it and grabbing maximum attention of the masses is a publicity event. This is typically done by means of utilizing the local and national media to create the buzz in the market. A publicity event photographer captures the best shots in events like –

  • Trade shows
  • Business meets
  • Business conferences
  • Product launches
  • Brand building events
  • High end revelries to celebrate the event success
  • Parties to celebrate the fulfillment of sales targets and business targets etc.

All the above mentioned events are organized with an intention to create that needed buzz in the market for the business’s publicity.

What makes a good publicity event photographer?

There are many attributes that a good publicity event photographer should possess. It all begins with the photographer being on the toes all through the event such that none of the moments are missed out. Other than the technical qualifications needed to click the best pictures, the photographer must have a real time “Can do” attitude along with enthusiasm and flexibility

Features of an expert publicity event photographer

First and foremost requirement is that the publicity event photographer must understand that he or she is not hired for the event only to capture any memories. The main idea is to create memories in the form of photographers which are media specific and media friendly. Finding the right publicity event photographer is not an arduous task but one that involves a bit of leg work, research, planning and an understanding of what is expected out of the photographer.

  1. The publicity event photographer must be able to get involved in the event entirely

A photographer is the one who brings life to the event. He knows how each of the pictures should be framed in order to bring out the best. He has the expertise and professional skills to capture the right moments at the right time in order to help the guests cherish them as their memories. The right professional photographer is one who stamps a signature of perfection on every snapshot.

  1. Reach out to the Guests

Events organized for publicity are usually high end paparazzi clicks with a multitude of high profiled guests and celebrities involved. Therefore, a publicity event photographer must have the knack to walk up to these people and get them to strike a pose for the shutter bug. A good photographer is one who develops an interaction with the guests and directs them to get the best clicks. Moreover, this is an added advantage for the event organizer as the guests are grabbing attention, receiving the red velvet treatment and enjoying being the attraction in the party.

  1. Using the props is a great idea

Props act as a magical element in the event. While everyone is so involved in the event and celebrations, what better way can be if you can bring out the best clicks of the guests with props? This way it leaves a memory for the guests and the media bytes are generated automatically.

  1. The publicity event photographer must be able to click candid shots

Covering the entire event is one side of the coin and getting the best candid shots is the other. Every guest in the party or event will have a candid moment which adds value to the pictures. These clicks are the ones that will do the buzz in the media, create a shutter bug history and will last as a cherished memory for long. In turn, the event will achieve its goal of getting maximum publicity. However, to click the candid moments of guests, especially the celeb shots, the photographer should be on his toes all through the event.

Though the expertise and adroitness of the publicity event photographer is very much a necessity for the event, it is also essential for the event organizer to do his bit. The best way to help the photographer get the required media clicks is by organizing the party with a theme. This helps the publicity event photographer to get snapshots at ease from the guests.


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