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How to Decorate Your Cake Pops

How to Decorate Your Cake Pops


Cake pops are definitely a popular treat nowadays, and rightfully so! They are far fewer calories than traditional cake, they are easier to eat and clean up after, and they have the cutest and most versatile decorations! If you have already made your cake pops and they are just chillin’ in the fridge or freezer (pun intended), but you just don’t know how you should decorate them, start with the candy melts.

Birthday party How to Decorate Your Cake Pops

Candy melts are used for decorating and coating candies and cake pops, and they usually don’t come in specific flavors other than chocolate. You might think that their generic milky taste isn’t enough, but it actually is great because it will complement the flavor of whatever they are coating! Candy melts do not need to be tempered, and they are pretty much just a “heat and use” kind of candy coating. Your cake pop needs the candy melt coating to hold the pop together and give it a little crunch when you break into the shell. The flavor is almost like a milky white chocolate, regardless of the color of the coating. The colors I have seen are brown, white, red, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, and purple. There are several shades of these colors available, so start your cake pop off right by picking the base color that you like best! You can always follow up the base color by added a secondary layer later.

Immediately after your candy melt shell has been applied to the cake pop, you will want to add your coating decorations. This could be sprinkles, crumbled up cookies or candies, some finely chopped nuts, or another fun combination. You will want to sprinkle these decorations on as quickly as possible so they stick to the candy melt coating. Make sure that whatever toppings you choose compliment the flavor of the cake itself, and that they coordinate with the color of the coating. For example, you wouldn’t want to put crumbled Oreos on a red velvet cake pop. Now, if you don’t want to use your standard decorations, go ahead and put your candy melt-coated pops back in the fridge to harden up the shell for the next idea.

If you want to give your cake pops a more elegant look, take the hardened shells of the cake pops, and pipe swirly decorations onto them with a contrasting color of candy melts. If you are going to pipe these decorations on, you will want it to be a thicker consistency, so do not overheat the mixture.

After you have decorated your cake pops you can finish off their look with a cute bow. Cut 6” strands of your favorite ribbon, or find a spool of chevron ribbon with colors that match your cake pops. Tie the ribbon into a bow around the cake pop stick, and arrange them on a plate. If it really is all about presentation, your adorable cake pops will steal the show and they will taste every bit as good!


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