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Florida Traffic Tickets: Safety Reminders or Police Pay Increases?

Florida Traffic Tickets: Safety Reminders or Police Pay Increases?


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Florida Traffic Tickets: Safety Reminders or Police Pay Increases?

Law enforcement officials say they use traffic tickets to alert the public when violations of a particular rule or regulation occur. However, speed traps and weekend check points may go above and beyond ensuring safety. This, along with police scandal news headlines, may lead drivers into believing that all police are trying to fulfill their quota for the month.


Traffic tickets can contribute millions of dollars each year to local cities and states. If you receive a traffic ticket in FL, many people would agree that you need someone around that knows what to do to resolve the issue. Police department officials deny that ticket quotas exist and stress the importance of tickets, and public safety goals.

A traffic ticket is designed to punish the driver for exceeding the regulated speed limit. If a driver gets a certain number of tickets, they may even be at risk for losing their driver’s license.

Speeding is a common contributor to roadway vehicle collisions and pedestrian injuries. When a driver fails to obey the designated speed limit, they are putting innocent victims at risk. This is especially important in school zones and high trafficked pedestrian areas where young children and adults are trying to cross the street.

Speed traps cause people to question whether speed traps are designed to ensure the safety of the public or used as a means to reap more monetary compensation for the municipality.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is not only dangerous to the driver, you’ll find that it can also pose a serious threat of injuries and death to innocent victims that enter the path of the individual behind the wheel. Traffic tickets are intended to keep the roadways safe for unsuspecting people who traverse them each day. A driver who is negligent about driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Unfortunately, driver checkpoints have come under fire from some people who say that this is the way for law enforcement officials to administer traffic tickets unfairly by targeting lower income areas. Many also feel that if a city has not reached its expected monthly quota for traffic tickets, they’ll put up more road blocks to catch unsuspecting victims who have been drinking.

Red Light Safety

Red light traffic violations can generate a significant amount of revenue for most cities. However, many of these same cities experienced a major decrease in traffic violations by up to 50 percent when they implemented red light cameras. A recent study indicated that there were close to 2.5 million intersection related crashes that resulted in approximately 7,800 fatalities and 780,000 injuries.

Running a red light is the cause of most of these intersection related accidents. The red light cameras are not only there to keep the public safe, they can also generate income for a municipality with the most minor of infractions. As tickets climb for these types of offenses, you’ll find their prices to skyrocket along with them.

The line between traffic violations and law enforcement quotas is a fine one. Department heads will swear that they strictly have the public’s safety in mind for many of the fines and tickets given to drivers, but you’ll find the public to disagree.

Giovanna O’Neal is a professional blogger, researcher, and frequent contributor of legal articles. If you get a traffic ticket in FL, The Tix Team consistently wins in court and in some instances has prevented defendants from having to go to trial.



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