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Divert Thieves by Hiding Your Valuables in Places They’d Never Look

Divert Thieves by Hiding Your Valuables in Places They’d Never Look


Hiding spot

Hide valuables in unexpected places.

Every time you give a key to a babysitter, let the cable guy into the house or allow your teenager’s friend to stay over, you potentially have allowed a thief into the house. No need to be paranoid of everyone who comes through the door. With a little creativity, you can hide things in your home so even the most curious of house guests have difficulty uncovering your secrets.

Hollowed-Out Book

The old book with a secret compartment trick still works. The real trick is to pick a book no one would think of looking in. The user manual for the 2010 version of Quickbooks or the hardback third volume of “Harry Potter” are good ideas. The “Complete Works of Shakespeare” on a shelf of gardening books might stand out as being odd, though.

CDs and DVDs

A rack of CDs can make an excellent hiding place for cash or passports. Get rid of the inside CD or DVD holder for more room. This works best if you have several on a rack, because a person is not going to take the time to go through a hundred CDs while they’re in your house.


If you use your fireplace three months out of the year, there are nine months when you can use it as a hiding place. Put your items in a dark bag, and hide them within a stack of wood. Just remember that you put something there before you light the fireplace on a cool evening.

Fake Vent & Electrical Outlet

Use a heating vent to stash belongings. You can even add a vent to a room that serves only as a hiding place. Cut a hole in the wall, and place a box in the hole. Cover it up with a vent cover that matches the rest of the vents in the room, and you have a custom hiding place for small to medium items.

Like the heating vent, you can create a fake electrical outlet or light switch. Behind the plate is your hiding place. For a more realistic look, plug something into the outlet, so it looks as if it’s being used.


Wrap valuables in aluminum foil, and put them in the freezer. Few burglars are going to rummage through your freezer and unwrap the contents.

Cookie Jar

Yes, you can still use a cookie jar to store cash, but only as a diversion. Crumple up 10 one dollar bills, and put them into the cookie jar. A thief finding this might give up looking once they find your cash.

Long-Term Protection

To keep something secure for a long time, nothing beats a safe. A built-in safe that can’t be moved is something most thieves won’t even touch. Their goal is to get out of the house as quickly as possible with as much valuable stuff as the they can find. A real safe is a big obstacle to that goal.

Your home security system will deter many burglars from trying to break into your home. Professional security companies at have unique ideas to keep your home safe. But, what if you willingly let a burglar into your house? Will your stuff be safe then?

What secret home hiding places do you recommend? Share them in the comments.


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