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A Co-Parenting Plan with Your Child’s Best Interest at Heart

A Co-Parenting Plan with Your Child’s Best Interest at Heart


DIVORCE KID A Co Parenting Plan with Your Childs Best Interest at Heart

A Co-Parenting Plan with Your Child’s Best Interest at Heart

Getting a divorce is extremely difficult for most people, and the process can become exacerbated when there is a child involved. After all, when two people decide that they no longer want to share their lives, there are typically a lot of hurt feelings that will make it hard to see each other on a regular basis. However, it is imperative to think about the emotional well-being of the child when you decide how the two of your will successfully co-parent.

How does a Co-Parenting Plan Work?

As long as both parents are committed to the idea of staying in the child’s life, you will need to develop a co-parenting plan. Although some parents like to take different approaches when it is their time with a child, this is not a good way to provide them with a stable upbringing. Instead, the two of you will need to decide on a parenting philosophy that you can both stick with. For example, if the child does not eat meat at their mother’s house, the father should also provide them with a meat-free diet. Otherwise, the child will become confused, and this will make the divorce harder for them.

Splitting up the time in a way that is fair to the child and both parents is an essential component of the plan. Therefore, you need to openly discuss your personal needs and desires so that a schedule can be created that does not include a lot of conflicts. After all, if you have committed to working late every Tuesday night, it will not be fair to anyone if that is one of the days that you are supposed to pick your kid up from school. By being open with each other, you should be able to make a schedule that will enable the child to spend quality time with each of their parents.

Dealing with Communication Issues

If you and your ex have a difficult time discussing things, you should consider using the email format. This will make it easier to avoid a heated argument, and it will also give you proof if any serious issues develop. It is also imperative to make sure that any debates over child support are handled through the legal system. According to one of the a Riverside County child support attorneys, “formulas take into account factors like the number of children, time share percentage, gross income and tax liability” to accurately decide child support.

Always Put Your Child First

There will be certain events that both parents will be expected to attend. After all, your child is not going to have two graduation ceremonies, and they also should not need to have separate birthday parties. Therefore, both parents need to be mature enough to put their differences aside for each of the big moments in their child’s life. If you fail to adhere to this philosophy, it will end up having a negative impact on your child’s emotional health.

Remaining civil is one of the best ways to make sure that a co-parenting plan works. Even though this might be hard at times, it is important to make sure that your child grows up with the support of both of their parents. To achieve this, the two of you should create a co-parenting plan that everyone can stick with.

Author Molly Pearce is also a single mom who knows the strain that separation and divorce can put on parents and children. She writes to encourage parents in this situation to really put the children first when making arrangements and to do their research about dividing time and resources. TheĀ Riverside County child support attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine, and Knox, LLP have been advising families in the southern California area on these divisions for over 30 years.

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  • Why on earth would I want to take advice from a “child support” attorney in regards to my finances? What advantage does one get by having a judge get all up in my life and getting a court room involved in my parenting?

    The only people I see winning here are:
    The judge- just got a bigger salary the moment you riled that paper. More money he sets on each case, the bigger his bonus.

    The lawyers- yeah those scum bags you quoted are the last people you should trust with my money. Why? Becsuse they are only in business to take it! Stay away from them like the plangue.

    The state – see the judge. The more money that gets ordered, the more money they make. Cha Ching.

    The mom – (aka you)- having money stolen straight out of someone’s check and delivered to you to spend on whatever toy want must be real nice.

    The lowers:
    The dad – if he even can stay out of jail and focus now.
    the child – yes they lose the most. So much for that whole “child” in “child support”
    Society- they lose too

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