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4 Strategies to Finding the Right Attorney for your Case

4 Strategies to Finding the Right Attorney for your Case


ATTORNEY 4 Strategies to Finding the Right Attorney for your Case

4 Strategies to Finding the Right Attorney for your Case

It’s a sad fact that, at some point in their lives, many people will end up needing the services of an attorney. This could be due to the need for a professional who is experienced in criminal defense or because a person simply needs help building a strong defense against a lawsuit that they’re facing, like a car accident case. Regardless of the particular issue at hand, however, it’s essential for a person to know how to locate the right attorney for their kind of case. If there were ever a time to not simply go to the “first name in the book,” it’s when looking for the right legal professional.

1) Get Recommendations

The first place that many people start when looking for an attorney, and with good reason, is with personal referrals. Even though not everyone has dealt with an attorney in the past, it’s likely that one of their friends or family members has. If this is the case, and the attorney happens to practice in the area of law that’s needed, a person may end up with one of the easiest decisions of their lives. Though it’s important not to choose an attorney based solely on a referral, there’s no doubt that this is a good starting off point.

2) Call the Local Bar Association

When a person can’t find any referrals, and even when they can, it’s a good idea to call their local bar association. These organizations can provide a wealth of information on local attorneys and their areas of law practice. It’s important to note, though, that bar associations won’t give out advice on which attorney to hire. What they often will do, however, is provide a list of practicing attorneys of a certain practice in a locale.

It also wouldn’t hurt to check with local, legal aid groups. Many of these groups focus on specific areas of law, and they can often give very good advice on choosing an attorney. Even if they won’t provide specific recommendations, however, they’ll likely be able to better direct a person to a professional subset of attorneys who focus on particular cases.

3) Navigate an Online Research

There are an abundance of methods of finding an attorney on the Internet; a person just has to know how to use them. Sometimes simply typing in the name of a specific city along with the word “lawyer” and what specialty is desired is enough to bring up plenty of results. For example, an engine search for “Orlando DUI lawyer” results in, at least for the first few pages, a list of DUI lawyers in the Orlando area. In other cases, some searchable websites keep directories of attorneys and what they practice in.

This is also a great way to navigate specific lawyers when looking for their areas of practice, how they might be able to defend your case and online reviews for them. For example, if a person researched the Orlando DUI lawyer exampled above,  they could read online how an experienced attorney knowledgeable in DUI law could suppress or even get evidence dismissed through special techniques that only a DUI lawyer would be trained to perform or question for this area of law. This lawyer might be able to create reasonable doubt in regards to the arresting officer and whether his job was performed legally and the evidence in the case was accurately taken or performed.

4) Know what to ask at Initial Consultation

If, after all of the aforementioned steps, an attorney is still holding your attention, it’s a good idea to set up a consultation. You’d need to be prepared, however, with certain pertinent questions. Their experience should be the first thing questioned. How long have they been in law, and have they handled similar cases before? Additionally, how long has the attorney practiced in the area in question?It also helps to inquire about who will be working on the case. Will it be the attorney who’s doing the consultation, or will the bulk of the work be handled by paralegals and junior attorneys? Will it be one attorney or a team of attorneys working for you? It’s important to discuss this arrangement and how it may affect communication between the lawyer and their client. Finally, it never hurts to ask about any potential outcomes, alternatives or recommendations that the attorney may have.

While finding the legal professional that will best represent you may not be the easiest thing ever done, the benefits of doing so are definitely worth the effort. Individuals who erroneously hire inexperienced attorneys, or even experienced attorneys without knowledge in certain areas, have made a mistake that they’re likely to regret. Those who put in the effort to get the right legal professional the first time around, however, have the best experiences and the best outcomes with their cases.

Researcher Lisa Coleman shares ways for someone to find a local lawyer for the type of case they may be seeking, and encourages they look online or for referrals for the one that might be right for them. She recently found online how a dedicated Orlando DUI lawyer firm, Katz & Phillips, P.A., is board certified and equipped to represent a DUI client throughout the central FL area, and can benefit a client by using a multiple lawyer team approach.

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