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21st Birthday? Must-Haves for the Beginner Drinker

21st Birthday? Must-Haves for the Beginner Drinker


21st Birthday? Must-Haves for the Beginner Drinker

Turning 21 and finally being seen as a legal adult is one of the most exciting and event filled days of your life. Well beyond any activities that you have planned during the day, it is the celebration night that will be the most impressive.

Since it is only logical to assume that there will be alcohol involved in this coming-of-age celebration, those who are preparing for a day of celebration for their 21st should keep safe and keep the following things in mind.

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Watch What You Eat. Foods high in yeast will saturate your system with glucose and enhance the effects of alcohol. High protein meals or vegan foods will keep your system in good shape to enjoy a drink.
Portable Alcohol Tester. If you think that you may over indulge, you may wish to carry a tester with you so you can gauge how much you have ingested.
Designated Driver. It is very important that you have someone designated as a driver for the evening that will not partake in any alcohol. This is especially important if you are going to road trip into a popular party area such as Orlando for instance, to enjoy the clubs.
Bottled Water. Having water available is good to help you stay hydrated and to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. Dehydration is the leading cause for hangovers, so if you drink enough water during the night, and before you retire for the evening, you may be able to avoid a headache in the morning.

Responsible Drinking

While the last thing that you want to hear on your 21st birthday is a speech about the dangers of drinking and driving, drinking and texting, and posting drunk pictures of yourself on your social media page, it is important that you know all these things before you start your celebration:

a) First time drinkers are more at risk for being involved in a fatal drinking and driving accident than others who take this risk. This is why it is imperative to have a designated driver. If you do not want to leave someone out of the fun, you should have everyone pitch in for a professional driver for the evening. Arriving in style at the clubs will just be an additional bonus for the evening.
b) Texting when you are not thinking straight is never a good idea. All-to-often, someone gets carried away, says something that should have never been said, and trouble ensues. Refrain from texting until the next day.
c) No obscene or obviously drunk pictures on your social media page. While it may be very tempting to share with the world the adventures of your birthday celebration, you must remember that others are also looking. It is no longer unusual for an employer to carefully examine your social media page to determine your status of employment. Future employers will also look to these pages as a way to determine if you fit their company image.

Go out and celebrate your 21st birthday, but do so with the information you need to do it safely. When you know how to stay out of trouble, you can send more time enjoying your special day. After all, you don’t want to have a good time and end up injured and needing the help of a law firm like Steinger, Iscoe & Green because of irresponsible behavior. But if you do, they will be able to provide a wealth of experience in order to assist you with any personal injury issue.

Giovanna O’Neal is a stay-at-home mother who is not looking forward to her children driving. If you know a young adult that gets hurt in traffic or in trouble with the law, they should know that obtaining experienced representation from attorneys such as Steinger, Iscoe & Green can help relieve stress and anxiety that may arise.


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