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What You Have Witnessed Can Help Others

What You Have Witnessed Can Help Others


Individuals who have witnessed unethical or illegal acts often feel pressured to ignore the activity if the possibility of retaliation is present. This is significantly true of employees who are being required to comply with illegal company policies at their own detriment. Potential whistleblowers are often in precarious employment situations. Still, these brave individuals provide a public service to other employees along with the judicial system. Additionally, whistleblowers can impact employees at other corporations who are exhibiting similar illegal practices, as many free market operatives imitate each other if one finds systemic success with a specific company policy.

whistleblower What You Have Witnessed Can Help Others

Employer Retribution   Former and present employers alike can often make damaging claims with respect to subsequent employment opportunities, as many potential employers require the applicant to waive defamation rights when they contact previous employers. Actually, this is legal coercion, but rarely results in a legal case. These potential whistleblowers can be certified for protection and legal standing when they provide government evidence in prosecuting the employer, but this must be done prior to filing the suit. Secrecy is crucial, and many times the company can be provided the reported information in advance.

Corporate Disrespect   Whistleblowers do not enjoy complete respect, as many private sector corporations require absolute loyalty from their employees. This is especially true when they are protecting illegal company action. The False Claims Act specifically provides the whistleblowing employee legal standing against the employer in conjunction with the government for required illegal involvement, maintaining immunity from complicit prosecution. This normally occurs in financial misrepresentation claims and corporate tax evasion. Inherent retaliatory action by the defending company is also considered legally as harassment and can be addressed in an additional suit. But, make no mistake, most companies skirt the law and value legal corporate informational protection via loyalty from all employees. This is especially true in provable systemic fraud claims for corporations that operate unethically as a core principle.

The Importance of Legal Informant Protection   The U.S. government has a difficult charge in spotting illegal activity in the marketplace, and witnesses who are willing to come forward can be crucial to combating regular illegal activity. Indeed, the information the prosecutors need is heavily protected as company secrets and company security is often extreme. Much illegal activity is either camouflaged or intently misrepresented by advertisement and policy. Whistleblowers can help government agencies in reducing fraud from private organizations doing business with the government, as well as provide information on illegal internal government activity.When facing claims issues, or if there are any concerns regarding claims, the option to contact a whistle blower lawyer is readily available.

Although governmental revelations can involve classified information, sometimes the target of the illegal or unethical governmental action is the general public at large. It is important to understand that the U.S. Constitution is violated regularly by the various government levels, which is never good for the rights of citizens.

Any individual who has a possible False Claims Act case should contact a whistleblower attorney before saying anything. An attorney experienced in handling these claims will know which government agency to contact, and more importantly, which agency to shield. The certification as whistleblower is established by the court system in a private hearing involving only the testifying party and their legal representation. Always consult and hire an attorney early, and then make the serious decision on filing suit. Always remember, there may be many more individuals who can benefit from the ruling than just the plaintiff. Governmental prosecution of one entity can stop bad behavior among others, but it is not a decision to be taken lightly because accusations are usually vigorously defended.

Researcher Nickey Williams contributes this article to those who need to speak against any misdeeds at the hand of an employer. Many whistle blower lawyer firm’s, like that of Goldberg Kohn Ltd, are advocates for fighting government fraud, and will guide claimants who are willing to testify to wrongdoings.

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