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Tattoo Designs From The 90s Are Getting Trendy Again

Tattoo Designs From The 90s Are Getting Trendy Again


Back in the 90’s , the only celebrity note worthy enough to create buzz as a result of the tattoos he had was Dennis Rodman. Sure there were the rock stars, and of course the infamous Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their notorious tribal tattoos (which sparked one of the worst fashion trends of that era, as men began to get HORRIBLE tribal tattoos across their upper arms all over the country). But other than that, no one really paid attention to tattoos.

tattoo designs Tattoo Designs From The 90s Are Getting Trendy Again

For those too young to recall, Dennis Rodman was the power forward of the Chicago Bulls back in the day. He played alongside of someone you may have heard of. I’ll give you a hint. His first name begins with the letter M, and the last the letter J. (Micheal Jordan, for those still scratching their heads) There are endless photos and posters showcasing the myriad of tattoos that Rodman adorned, as he smashed elbows into the sides of his competitors on the NBA courts. He was a tattoo pioneer, and a celebrity on and off the court who help propel tattoos into the mainstream.

Nowadays, tattoos and celebrities go hand in hand. So much so that it is hard to keep up with the new tattoos and tattoo designs people in Hollywood are getting. It has created a tattoo sub-culture, which now infiltrates everyday life. Tattoo magazines are even considered high fashion in some settings, with tattoo models in high demand. Tattoo reality shows are all the rave, featuring the tattoo design and tattooing prowess of now well known tattoo artists such as LA inks’ Kat Von D, Miami Inks’ Ami James and Chris Nunez, and Chris Garver.

Those tattoo shows spawned even more demand for hot tattoo designs and more tattoo shows, which eventually gave birth to Ink Masters.

Nunez is also a judge of this tattoo show. The winner of the first season, Shane Oneil has now become a household name in tattoos.  It wasn’t but 5 years ago that we approached Shane about opening a tattoo shop on Staten Island as our partner. As it turned out that didn’t happen.  However Shane can be seen on occasion tattooing out of the Bullseye Tattoos Shop as a guest.

In addition to the reality shows, well known actors and caresses are getting tattoos. Various tattoo designs can be found on actresses such as Jessica Alba, Lindsey Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Alyssa Milano, Charlize Theron, just to name a few.

Some examples of actors who have tattoos are Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell. The tattoo designs which each of them have chosen is quite interesting. Colin Farrell for instance has a large Indian tribal tattoo with what appears to be  a blue marlin come out of the top. Brad pitt has what seems like doodles tattooed on his back. I think they were done as drawing by his wife, but no real proof of this. Johhny depp has quite a few tattoo designs. The tattoos include a skull tattoo, (more specifically skull and bones) a “rook” tattoo based on an old card game, a skeleton key tattoo design, a crow tattoo, three heart tattoo designs, just to name some of them. Obviously he  likes his tattoos!

The most impressive tattoos in my opinion can be found on Sly Stallone. What started out as one tattoo design has now become full sleeves, and tattoos covering his upper body and shoulders. But the tattoo designs are not just intricate and colorful, but very well executed. I believe he got some work at the MD tattoo studio recently, and this stuff is killer! His skull tattoo on his left shoulder is beautifully rendered. By far, in terms of tattoo design taste, and tattoos overall, Sly is my pick for tattoos on a celebrity. At 66, he is STILL getting tattoos and I believe we haven’t seen his last tattoo for some time. He still has plenty of canvas space on his body for more tattoos.

So as you can see, we have come a LONG way since we first started seeing Dennis Rodman walk red carpets covered in various tattoo designs and tattoos. I have a feeling tattoos will be around for some time in Hollywood. And the tattoo designs each celebrity chooses in the future, will give us another reason to gawk, comment, or speculate on how awesome the new tattoo is, or perhaps simply ask, “What were you thinking!” Until next time, good luck with searching for your tattoo design!

Jack J is very passionate about tatoo designs and loves to share tips about making the right choice at the tattoo parlor.

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