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New Ways to Reuse Old Tech

New Ways to Reuse Old Tech


As the technology is getting advance day by day, the old electronics tend to be ignored. They are either in your storeroom being covered by dirt and dust or you do not prefer to use them because of the available latest technology gadgets. When we think of old technology, the first thing, which pops up in our mind is the computer. It is the fact that because of the easy access to laptops, smartphones, and tablets, the computer has lost its importance among the people but if you do not want to sell it then it is better to use it. Here are some tips for you in order to reuse this old tech device and bring it to life again.

RecycleTech New Ways to Reuse Old Tech


First of all, focus on the followings to upgrade your computer:

  • Hard drive

Upgrade the hard drive of the computer to the latest version. You can either delete all the stuff stored in it or clean it after backing up the important files. With this approach, it will work faster and quicker.

  • Operating System

Upgrade the operating system, as this will bring new and improved features to the computer. It is not always the speed of hardware but it is also about the way you use your device. Thus, whenever you get the latest upgrade popup, make sure not to neglect it. One of the latest operating system available for computers is the Windows Vista, which is considered the best so far. Besides this, Windows 7 and 8 are also available in the markets. So consider upgrading that and you will notice that the machine will perform in the best way.


If it is not just the computer and the upgrades do not even help then try these new and clever ways to repurpose the other old technology in your house. Here are some of the tips, which are surely residing at everyone’s place.

  • Floppy Disk

If you remember that before the USB flashes, we used to have CD’s and floppy disks to store our work into it. Well, I am sure that you must be having a lot of floppy disks lying around your house, so you can use them as a USB flash drive as well. It is very simple by taking out the circuit board and places it inside the floppy case by gluing everything together. Yes, it will consume more space than the usual USB drive but you can reuse the floppy as a USB flash drive by adopting this idea.

  • Computer Monitor

Before the flat screens computers and the laptops, we used to have a big monitor somewhat looking like old television, you can make cat beds out of it, the cat seems to fit in it because of its size. Simply paint the monitor, empty it from the inside and it will be ready for your cat.

  • Old iPhone

If you have an old iPhone, which is lying around somewhere then you can make a great use out of it instead of purchasing the new ones just because of slight operating system changes. You can upgrade the iPhone to Android OS. You can also jailbreak the phone and can access to all the same things which latest iPhone offers. If you donot want to put much effort then it can also serve the purpose of a great iPod for your little siblings because of the iTunes app in it.


Hence, you can repurpose or reuse your old tech instead of purchasing new expensive gadgets. These are some of the ways to use the main old techs, which are not paid much attention nowadays but can be at best use by the ways mentioned-above.


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