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Making The Move: When Is It Time For A Senior Living Facility?

Making The Move: When Is It Time For A Senior Living Facility?


ASSISTED LIVING Making The Move: When Is It Time For A Senior Living Facility?

Making the Move: When it’s Time for a Senior Living Facility

Many senior citizens or their caregivers are often afraid of suggesting assisted living facilities because they believe that these residences are that of “last resort.” They incorrectly believe that only the sickly or the terminally ill or senile live in these facilities.

The truth is, however, that the people that live in these facilities are often those seniors that are active and wish to remain that way. These assisted living centers are designed to help seniors remain independent, healthy, and active. Yes, they are there to provide help, but they are not there to restrict.

Some of the many advantages of an assisted living facility, whether it’s a senior living Birmingham AL residence or one in New Jersey, include:


Many elderly people find themselves lonely. Being alone is very detrimental to your health. Assisted living facilities offer these seniors a chance to make new friends and interact with people their own age.

• Activities

You will find every type of activity imaginable at an assisted living facility. These include exercise classes, games, video games, arts and crafts and even music and dancing.

• Medical Care

If assistance with medicine, personal hygiene or medical appointments is needed, the facility is there to help. Different levels of care and assistance are available to meet everyone’s needs.

• Continued Care

As a resident, the facility will be able to provide continuing care as you age. As your needs change, your care level will be adjusted.

• Watchful Eye

Even if you are in perfect health, it is always nice to know that there is someone available if help is needed. Most facilities offer an employee visit to the residents at least twice a day to make sure that everything is okay.

• Peace of Mind

Everyone, the individual or their caregiver, can feel better knowing that their loved one is in a safe and secure environment.

Many elderly people are afraid of being a burden to their children, so they never ask for help. They believe that they should be independent and that any request for help is a sign of weakness. They should realize, however, that they are important to their children and that their well-being is important. Their children would much rather their parents enter an assisted living facility and be cared for, than be on their own and unable to manage.

The decision to enter an assisted living facility should not be made quickly. Different facilities should be reviewed so that the future resident will be happy with all the amenities. Talk to friends and loved ones about your choices. Go on tours, talk to the residents, and look for reviews online. Many facilities, such as the senior living Birmingham AL residence, Chateau Vestavia, offer a virtual online photo tour on their website.

Once your decision has been made, be pleased with your choice. You are about to embark on a new adventure. You will be meeting new people, trying new things, and maintaining your independence. You will be cared for at a level you are comfortable with, and you will never have to worry about being a burden to a loved one.

Freelance artist and author Molly Pearce is an advocate of human rights who hopes inform seniors on the great number of attractive options they have when it comes to residency in later years. In her research and writing she has addressed everything from Chateau Vestavia, a senior living Birmingham AL facility, to timeshare options for the elderly.




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