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Implement Stunning Variations In The Paintings To Give Them More Beauty

Implement Stunning Variations In The Paintings To Give Them More Beauty


It is hard to give a specific definition to an art. Every individual has personal opinion about it, with one common thing that every one has a special place for art. The world is full of different artworks. People choose them according to their choice and inclinations. Painting is among one of such artworks which is liked and preferred by many art lovers. Some people keep it as a hobby while others make it a profession. An artist indeed gives out his best creativity, but it can be created more attractive by implementing variations in the art. In the same way a painting can be a masterpiece, if it has some variations with it.

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Here are some of the techniques through which a painter can make some charismatic changes in his paintings-

  • Add variations to the direction of brush strokes- The brush stroke should not be used in the same direction. Rather than that it should be used in different direction. This change will make a great transformation in look and appearance of the painting.
  • Long edges also need variations- Apart from the brush strokes, the painter should also manage to make variations in long edges. This attracts more spectators to the painting.
  • Add multiple colors within one color-Some things look simple but keep high importance. Just like a sky, the sun, mountains to name some of them. However they can be made more appealing by applying color variations to make it more interesting for the viewers.

Apart from these, there are other methods through which the paintings can be made more dynamic and eye catchy. Here are some of the classic collections of paintings which will be surely acclaimed by the artwork lovers-

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