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How to Spot a Future Proof Data Center

How to Spot a Future Proof Data Center


Most people do not give much thought to how the world’s computer networks are cared for and maintained. They take for granted that their personal and business computer needs will be met and that they can access the information they need at any given time. However, most of the world’s computer networks are now reliant on future proof data centers. These centers safeguard businesses’ servers, bandwidth, and other aspects of their IT networks. When companies want to focus more on their online business pursuits than the actual upkeep of these elements, they often rely on colocation centers to help them meet these needs. They can identify a future proof data center by several key characteristics.

1. Reliable Infrastructure and Cabling Support   

People can spot a future proof data center by its infrastructure and cabling support that it offers its clients. Rather than focusing on present needs, these centers will provide enough cabling and support capacity to meet their clients’ needs for at least the next decade, if not longer. These centers will offer the highest grade of cable available and continue to upgrade its support capacities as the technology comes available.

2. Designing for Power and Cooling
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These centers will also have designs in place that allow the equipment to remain cool and avoid overheating. These designs can actually include several elements. Some centers couple rows together to allow for more efficient cooling of large amounts of equipment. Others prefer to space out the rows and utilize fans and air conditioning units to safeguard the computer equipment stored within.

3. Colocation Services

Future proof centers also make use of colocation services. Colocation can provide the support that businesses need in safeguarding their servers, networks, and storage capabilities. They accomplish this by offering both virtual and physical protection of the equipment. A colocation provider will make available fireproofing, temperature control, actual security of the equipment through security cameras and video surveillance, as well as real-time network monitoring. Colocation continues to be vital to the future of data center support.

4. Access to Engineers and Related Staff

Data centers also help clients by offering access to engineers and other staff who would otherwise not be affordable for these clients to retain on their own payrolls. Because these centers are designed to provide low-cost support for businesses, the engineers and other professionals on staff can provide the help that companies need without having to put forth that expense on their own. Future proof data centers are recognized for this level of assistance that would otherwise not be available to clients who do not take advantage of these centers’ services.

5. Back-Up Power

Companies rely on data centers to make sure that all of their power needs are met. Thus, many of these centers utilize back-up generators. With these generators, centers can ensure that a company’s servers and networks remain online and that no information is lost or inaccessible.

As companies look for reliable and future proof data centers, they may be advised to look for several key elements. Physical and virtual protection of the equipment, the reliance on colocation services, and back-up power should be important characteristics that can help businesses detect whether or not a data center can meet their needs.

Researcher Nickey Williams contributes this article to those needing a future proof data center. Quality Technology Services is a colocation provider that believes in crafting, developing and supervising facilities for long-term possession, and constructs them with the future in mind.

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