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How to Achieve Home Decor that Inspires Creativity

How to Achieve Home Decor that Inspires Creativity


One of the best ways to inspire your creativity is to decorate your home in a way that constantly sparks your imagination. After all, if all of the walls in your home are bare, you are not going to receive a lot of mental stimulation throughout the day. By simply adding a splash of color, you can ensure that your mind will be more engaged, and this is the best way to come up with new creative concepts. Therefore, you should strongly consider the role that each piece of your home decor will play in your creative process. 

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Using Accent Walls

Even if the majority of your home has white or creme walls, you need to introduce splashes of color to provide visual stimulation. The best way to achieve this is to select a wall in each room that will either be painted a different color or filled with art. Make sure that you select colors that appeal to you because this will definitely help get you in the proper head space to create new art.

The Perks of Hanging Abstract Art

Many creative individuals like to be surrounded by color in a way that does not adhere to strict guidelines. For example, the work of some abstract artists contain a nice mixture of color and texture that are certain to capture your attention. Most Erin Ashley art, for example, does not present specific real-life forms, so it is easy to let your imagination wander when you look at one of her pieces. As an added bonus, creative individuals who have children will be able to help their child’s mental development by exposing them at a young age to abstract art that features bright colors.

Tying the Decor Together with Accent Pieces

Accent pillows, area rugs, vases, and various other decorations can easily be used to either tie your color scheme together or to introduce some much-needed visual contrast. After all, if the majority of your home is one color range, it is important to add small bursts of other colors to keep each room visually interesting. Additionally, each time you see a vivid color or a decoration that is intriguing, you are likely to jump-start the creative process.

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Selecting Furniture that Inspires Art

If you take a trip to any furniture store, you will see a wide selection of different styles. Some of these options have been created with comfort in mind, but many others are simply intended to look nice. The best way to inspire your creativity is to pick furniture that you can sit on while you create, so comfort is important. However, you should also consider selecting at least one piece of furniture that has an unusual fabric pattern because it might inspire you.

Regardless of exactly how you decide to decorate your home, the most important thing to consider is whether you feel bored or inspired when you walk into each room. If you are dealing with feelings of boredom, you should acquire a new piece of art or create an accent wall to bring an end to the monotony.

Savannah Bobo is a freelance creative and technical writer who also enjoys crafting blog articles on arts, entertainment, and lifestyle. She contributes this post to help inspire individuals who would like their home decor and atmosphere to reflect and encourage their creativity. Home decor site Artismo makes it easy to find work such as Erin Ashley art that suits your personal taste and decorating goals.


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