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Heroes Of Newerth – A Multiplayer Online Battle Ring

Heroes Of Newerth – A Multiplayer Online Battle Ring


In the list of multiplayer online battle video game, there is one more popular game i.e.  Heroes of Newerth which was developed by S2 game and it was motivated by Warcraft III. It was first released on 12th May 2010 and then it was again released as a free-to-play game on 29th July 2011. In this game two teams are pitted against each other i.e. the Hellbourne and the Legion. The bases of two teams are present at the opposite corner of the map. Base of each team consists of towers, creep spawn points, buildings, a central structure and hero spawning pool. The winning team will be the one that destroys the Legion or Hellbourne of the enemy team or will be able to compel the enemy team to give up. To achieve this, players need to select heroes along with his unique skills.

heroes of newerth Heroes Of Newerth   A Multiplayer Online Battle Ring

GamePlay Modes and Matchmaking

The types of GamePlay mode available in this game are Co-op, Player Hosted, Casual and Normal.

  • In Co-op gaming mode, the matches are made between players or between players and bots against a team of bots.
  • Player Hosted gaming mode lets the players to modify their game and then add to the list for other players to join it.
  • Casual and Normal gaming mode are same in their layout and game play. The difference comes in terms of earning gold and experiences all over in the match.

There is one more option of making teams of players in Heroes of Newerth which is known as Matchmaking. This makes the use of MMR i.e. Match Making Rate by means of algorithm. The MMR of new player is 1500 and then by playing each ranked game the MMR get amended and going up if a player win or down if a player defeats.


Currently there are 118 playable heroes in this multiplayer online video game. To play this game a player need to choose one of the hero. Each hero in the game has four levels of skills which is upgraded and gained as the hero goes to upper levels and gain experience. The skills of hero are categorized in terms of keys i.e. ‘Q’, ‘W’, ‘E’ and ‘R’. ‘R’ is the highest and ultimate skill of hero and can only be gained when hero is able to reach level 6. Experience can be gained by killing the enemy units.

Attributes of Heroes

All the playable heroes of this multiplayer online game are categorized by their attributes. There are three attributes for each of the player and these are Intelligence, Agility and Strength.

  • Agility heroes are known for their basic attacks and opt for Damage per Second (DPS).
  • Intelligence heroes have the capability to enhance their skills and try to make the most of Mana that they possess.
  • Strength heroes can enhance and boost their armor and health and are capable of taking most damage.

There is one more categorization depending upon which heroes are grouped i.e. by their types of attack. There are two kind of attack and these are: Meele and ranged.

  • Meele heroes have the ability to attack units besides the hero.
  • Ranged heroes can even attack those units that are farther away from hero.

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