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Groom Showers: Pre-Parties are Not Just for the Bride Anymore

Groom Showers: Pre-Parties are Not Just for the Bride Anymore


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Groom Showers: Pre-Parties are Not Just for the Bride Anymore

For as long as anyone can remember, it has been a custom to give a bride-to-be a “shower” before the wedding as a way to help her acquire the things she needs to set up a home. Weddings have long been all about the bride, but a wedding takes two people to complete.

Grooms often are required to do only two things when it comes to a wedding. They need to rent a tuxedo and show up on time. Of course, the groomsmen often throw a bachelor party that entails a rowdy night out on the town, but other than that, the groom is left out.

Well, thankfully times have changed. Equality of the sexes not only entails women receiving equal pay, but men being “showered” with gifts as a celebration of their upcoming marriage. Guys are finding that it is fun to throw a themed party with presents for their soon-to-be married friend, something women have known and enjoyed for many years.

Themes And Gifts

Since this is a fairly new trend, there are not many set rules or traditions for having a groom shower. What many guys chose is to have a themed party and base their gifts around that theme. Face it, guys are not thrilled to buy another guy a toaster, it just wouldn’t seem cool. So many popular themes have emerged.

• Wedding Theme – Depending on the situation surrounding the wedding, many guys would probably appreciate a wedding based party. Gifts could include aid with purchasing wedding bands or a diamond engagement ring. Current economic conditions have made many couples skip the engagement ring or put off wedding bands to a later date. It may even be a good idea to have the party take place by visiting the diamond district portion of town and grabbing drinks afterwards. Theme ideas may also include gift certificates towards wedding expenses, or even covering the cost of transportation to and from the wedding for the couple.

• Honeymoon Theme – These parties are based on where the groom is going for his honeymoon. Many of the gifts would include luggage, travel kits, jewelry, tickets to attractions in the area, or tour packages.

• Housewarming Theme (Guy Style) – If the newlyweds are opting to buy a house right away instead of a honeymoon, guys can use the BBQ theme for their friend. Gifts can include a BBQ grill, BBQ tools, patio supplies and furniture, cooler, outdoor themed accessories and even a “kiss the cook” apron.

• Sports Theme – If the groom really likes sports, then opt for a sports theme. While it is always nice to think about the wedding, the party is, after all, for him. Gifts can range from sports memorabilia to tickets to his favorite game. Perhaps he likes sports related jewelry or clothing. The options are endless.

Whatever theme is chosen, the main objective of the party is to make the man feel that he is just as much a part of this wedding celebration as the bride-to-be. For a wedding to take place there must be a couple, and each person in that couple is as important as the other. For true equality, men need to be allowed to celebrate their weddings in the same manner as women have for generations.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and has been married for over 25 years. She contributes this article as a celebration of healthy, loving relationships. Located in L.A.’s diamond district, Icing on the Ring has the city’s biggest assortment of engagement rings. They are committed to helping couples find the ring of their dreams.


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