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Five Things That Your Home Probably Has Too Many Of

Five Things That Your Home Probably Has Too Many Of


If you look around your home, you will notice that there are some things that you probably already have too many of. You just do not notice them right away because they are hidden inside the cabinets, under the sinks, in the garage, in the attic, and even in the basement. The question is, do you really need all of them? Below are some of the things that most homes already have too many of.

five things home probably has Five Things That Your Home Probably Has Too Many Of

Kitchenware and Diningware Sets

One of the many favorite gifts that guests give to newlyweds is kitchenware and diningware sets. This has always been a favorite type of gift that, at the end of the wedding day, the couple has so many sets they do not know what to do with all of them. Most of the sets probably do not even match. In the end, some of the sets are left in their boxes and tucked away in storage areas.

Food Storage Containers

Another item that some homes have too many of is the food storage containers such as Tupperware and Rubbermaid. While these things are very handy for storing fresh produce and leftover food, it cannot be denied that they take up so much space inside the cabinets. With some people having the penchant for keeping old food storage containers, even those that have missing lids, these things can definitely clutter up a kitchen.


They say that if you want to enjoy a drink more, then use the right type of glass. There are the slender martini glasses for martini, crystal wine glasses for your red and white wine; tall and sturdy glasses for your juice, or the skinny glasses for your champagne. While it is okay for you to have different glasses for different beverages, they do take up space in your kitchen; more so if you own a lot of them. Also, most homeowners nowadays are using the same items for their everyday use. They even use the glasses for when they have guests.

Bedding Sets and Towels

Some homes also have a surplus of bedding sets and towels. If they see one they like, they buy the set. If the bedding sets and towels are offered at great discounts, they buy in bulk. It is important that you change the beddings and your towels regularly, and having several of these is always a good thing. More often than not though, there are only two or three of those that you use regularly, and the rest are stored in the cabinet.


For most bookworms, getting rid of their books, even old ones, is very difficult and almost seems like a crime. Because of the difficulty to throw old books away, they tend to keep them all. In the end, books can be found in almost all parts of the house, taking up space and cluttering it up.

If you have space for all these excess items, then good for you. If not, then it’s time to get rid of some of them away. Hold a garage sale or give them to shelters and homes. If you really cannot part with them, then rent a storage unit where you can safely store them.

Jennifer Daehn, a freelance writer, regularly contributes articles to home blogs. If you are having storage problems for all your things, she recommends visiting the storage facilities near you to learn more about their services.

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