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Eco-Friendly Window Movement: Are you in?

Eco-Friendly Window Movement: Are you in?


One of the latest trends in housing is eco-friendly windows. These windows, made from a variety of materials, have gained in popularity with remodelers and builders, as well as those who wish to be more earth-conscious.

eco friendly window Eco Friendly Window Movement: Are you in?

Why Eco-Friendly Windows Make A Difference

 Earth Friendly Materials  Many new windows can be made from recycled glass. Using any product from recycled materials is good for the planet, and these windows are just as clear and beautiful as a window made from new product.
• Recycled Window Frames  Many of these windows made from recycled glass also have recycled materials in their frames. This reduction in using new materials for the frames can reduce carbon output from manufacturing companies who produce new products.
• Energy Savings  These windows, made in double and triple pane design, help reduce energy costs by keeping room temperatures even. You do not have the same leakage of heating and cooling as you will with older single pane windows.
• Reduced Energy Consumption  Since you are no longer heating and cooling the outside, or allowing outdoor temperatures to seep into your home, you will be reducing the amount of energy you daily consume.
• Enhanced Appearance When you change the windows in your home you can change them in a way that will enhance the natural lighting in your home. By bringing more natural light into your home you can change the appearance of your interior and reduce the need for electric lights.
• Enhanced Air Flow  New windows can be designed to be easily opened, and with this type of accessibility you can let in the outside air when desired. Turning off the air conditioner for a while will reduce your energy consumption and freshen up your home. “Airing out the house” is good for the home every once in a while to keep your home from becoming stale.
• Increased Home Value  Green technologies, which include building materials, increase the value of your home. People are more green-conscious, and many new home buyers are looking specifically for homes that are more earth friendly.

Every effort you make to reduce energy consumption, recycle products and work towards a better environment makes the world a better place. Each little step, every little effort does matter. Greg Martineau of Calgary windows replacement states “In the past, a wall of beautiful windows compromised energy efficiency, but great strides in engineering have changed all of that, providing windows that actually save you money in the long run by improving your home’s efficiency.” If you can reduce your consumption by just 5 percent, you will not only reduce your monthly bills, your reduction will impact the entire nation.

Pollution levels will drop and dependence on foreign oil will decrease. If each person would decrease their consumption by this minor amount, an amount that would not even impact lifestyle, the earth could be protected from so much damage that it would actually have the chance to begin to heal from past wrongs.

Having eco-friendly windows in your home is just a start in turning your home into an earth-friendly house. Once you discover how wonderful these windows are, how they reduce energy consumption and enhance the appearance of your home, you can move on to other projects to change your entire home.


Researcher and freelance writer, Nickey Williams contributes this article to those looking for easy ways to be ecologically sound and economically savvy at the same time. Greg Martineau of Calgary windows replacement insists that improving efficiency will not only update your living space naturally but will increase the value of your home.

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