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Apps to Prevent Stops for DWI or DUI

Apps to Prevent Stops for DWI or DUI


Keeping track of your blood alcohol content (BAC) can be difficult during a fun night out as alcohol naturally lowers inhibitions. Without monitoring one’s intake, drinkers can easily become legally intoxicated. While conventional charts help measure blood alcohol content, the amount of alcohol poured into a drink can vary from bar to bar, and from one beverage to another. Fortunately, technology has made it easier to keep track of one’s alcohol intake and assess one’s level of intoxication.

app Apps to Prevent Stops for DWI or DUI

Apps are mini-programs developed for your cell phone. They can be conveniently downloaded from the app store located on your phone, or to your home computer. If you are in the Florida area and planning to be out enjoying spirits, download a DWI app now to avoid having to contact an Eustis Florida DUI lawyer later.

1)  AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

The AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker by Myrecek is an application for Android cell phone owners. It provides estimates of one’s BAC. It allows users to input the volume and alcohol content of their chosen drinks. The app will monitor intake and the time the user started and finished the drink. The app calculates one’s BAC from the user’s inputs and determines when one is at the legal limit.

The app also allows users to cumulatively track their consumption over a period of days, weeks and months. It provides average consumption along with maximum consumption levels. The app is available free and there is a $2.99 ad-free version.

2)  Alcohol Calculator

Pawel Nadolski’s Alcohol Calculator is another free app for Android owners. Users can input their own data such as gender and weight to achieve a more accurate reading. The app supports inputs for custom drinks and metabolic rates. Users can also select from an array of stock drinks at stock volumes.

3)  jAlcoMeter

Tuukka Haapasalo’s jAlcoMeter is another free, ad-supported application for Android users. Like the other apps, users may input their physical characteristics and the app comes with a library of stock drinks and volumes. Users may add their own drinks to the library. Drinkers can add them to the current tally as they drink or even add them retroactively in the event that they forgot a drink or two, which is a common problem with drinking apps. Users may also add comments on their drinks for later reference.

4)  IntelliDrink BAC Calculator

Raphael Wichmann’s IntelliDrink BAC Calculator is an application for iPhone owners. Users can create different profiles, making the app effective for an entire group of friends. Each profile contains the person’s height, weight, age, gender, and the frequency with which they drink. Users can select from a wide variety of drinks with specified alcohol contents and set the start time of the drink. The app also allows users to set an alarm that will notify them when they reach certain limits. The app is available from Apple’s App Store for $0.99.

These applications and many others use global positioning system (GPS) functionality. GPS is useful in allowing users to quickly dispatch taxicabs to their location in the event that they have had too much to drink, and too little time to sober up before driving. Other applications are marketed as allowing users to view the locations of local sobriety checkpoints. Such applications are legal, as prior publication is required for these checkpoints to be constitutional. However, checkpoint apps usually rely upon user contributions, making them rarely accurate.

It is worth noting that no app is a replacement for common sense and good judgment. If you feel buzzed or tipsy, do not drive even if an app says that you are under the legal limit. Under Florida law, drivers may be arrested for driving while intoxicated if they demonstrate impairment of normal faculties even if their blood alcohol content is below the legal limit.

Teresa Stewart is an avid app user, and writes to alert drinkers of new technology to help them manage their legal alcohol limits. Katz & Phillips can provide a Eustis Florida DUI lawyer to represent you in the case of a dui arrest. They will help you understand the charges and penalties, and their mission is to get you a favorable outcome.

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