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7 Tips To Finding A Good Nursing Home For Your Loved One

7 Tips To Finding A Good Nursing Home For Your Loved One


NURSING HOME SENIOR 7 Tips To Finding A Good Nursing Home For Your Loved One

7 Tips to Finding a Good Nursing Home for your Loved One

Choosing the right nursing home for your loved one is an important decision and ensuring that they receive the highest level of care and attention can take time and research. Whether you need to find a facility to stave off loneliness or to keep them safe from harm, selecting a reputable nursing home can be a difficult process.

1) Do Your Research

Before you set up appointments, you need to begin by doing some research. The Internet and phone book will have an assortment of choices to select from. Here you can investigate the facility, get online reviews and check to see if there are any complaints or hazards related to the nursing home.

2) Make Arrangement to Tour the Facility

When you’ve selected the top five facilities that are closest to your residence, you can call the nursing home and make an appointment for a tour of the facility. If your loved one is able, you’ll want to include them in the process since this is where they will be residing. To get a better feel for the facility, you can do an unexpected visit without notifying them first.

3) Prepared Questions

A good nursing home will be able to handle your barrage of questions. This should include how they plan to nurture your loved one, the level of care they will provide for them, the patient to nursing staff ratio, cleanliness and nutritional fare throughout the day.

4) First Impressions

You’ll be able to ascertain if the facility is right for your loved one immediately upon entrance. Important factors to take note of include the smell, cheerfulness, attitude of the patients and demeanor of the staff.

5) Noteworthy Appearances

The appearance of the nursing home isn’t everything, and you shouldn’t base your decision solely on this. A facility that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye may have had to cut corners elsewhere such as the staff, food or activities for the residents.

6) Personal Care

You’ve probably heard horror stories of residents who receive improper care during their stay at a facility. Take your own notes and observe how a patient is groomed. Is their hair properly cleaned and combed? Are they wearing clothes that are dirty or stained?

7) Level of Attentiveness

Since your loved one will be residing in the nursing home, you want to ensure that they are properly taken care of. To better base your decision, you want to interview the other residents, staff members, and family of the residents. You can also observe how the staff communicates with the patients, the way they handle emergencies, and the time that it takes for them to clean and care for the residents.

When to Report Neglect or Abuse

If at any time you observe any form of neglect of abuse to your loved one or another resident of a nursing home, it should be reported immediately to the supervising staff. Depending on the kind of neglect or abuse, considerations should be made for hiring a local personal injury attorney.

For example, if your loved one is in a home in NYC, then obtaining legal counsel for a New Your personal injury lawyer would be ideal. They would be able to inform you of local and state laws in regards to the law. A personal injury attorney has the knowledge and experience to fight for the rights of your loved one and handle all the legalities for an abuse case.

Finding the best facility for your loved one can take careful consideration and planning. However, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing that they’ll be receiving the love and care that they so richly deserve when you aren’t able to be there.

Lisa Coleman offers tips on how to find a nursing home that a person would be comfortable with for the care and responsibility of their loved one. The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., a New York personal injury lawyer, is experienced representing clients who have been, or have had a family member be, in a nursing home and has been abused.

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