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Places to Be in Iceland for Every Motorcycle Rider

Places to Be in Iceland for Every Motorcycle Rider


Purity is my name and Iceland is my place. A heavenly abode on earth filled with the most exquisite beauty that nature has gifted to our planet Earth. An adventure filled journey in the lands of the Vikings is a dream for every motorcycle rider. A paradise is not built, but it is carved in each and every aspect to perfection. One such art carved to perfection in the form of an island is Iceland surrounded by the confluence of rivers. Iceland encompasses everything from the warm volcanic range Eyjafjallajokull to pristine and coldest capital city Reykjavik.

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Step into the blue lagoon filled with its silica mud and geothermal water to relieve your mind from everything in the best spa in the world. The milieu at this place is unique to the extent that it provides the feeling of being present in another planet. Travel to Snaefellsnes to experience adventure in its sordid way. A place suitable for trekking and other adventure activities. A place to setup campfire and have a pleasant evening enjoying the climate of the island. The beauty of the night sky and the appearance of aurora borealis makes this place unique.

The meaning of waterfall is best understood by one’s visit to Dettifoss, which is filled with ice-cold water confluences in a manner unlike any other waterfall on Earth. The vanity of every colour is displayed from the natural appearance of every beauty present in the land of Vikings. Blue colour icebergs and green colour landscapes mesmerize any adventurer venturing into this island.

Vik i Myrdal provides to our eyesight the way the earth transformed from a barren land to the way it is diverse at each and every strata of this planet. This place is filled with lava molten and frozen by the extremely cold temperature prevalent at this place. The Faeroe islands provides a splendid view of the stretch of archipelago and the vertical cliffs provide and amazing view of the wide stretch of Blue Ocean that surrounds the land of Nordic people.

Herubreiarlindir, a small mountain range that is present in the middle of a desert trail is arid and it is a large lava field which should not be missed out during a rider’s journey. Journey to the Westman islands will also be fun-filled and exciting. Fjardarbyggo, a place to retreat for relaxation amidst the mountain and green valleys to enjoy the splendour of this land of magnificence.

Finally Isafjordur, the place where artists and musicians are present in large numbers as it is the place that is temperate for life to be pleasant in this island. The icebergs, geysers, green pastures and lava clad mountain ranges add to the beauty of this island. A journey that will last forever in the minds of every rider is the journey that is not to be missed. Lucky are those whose engines soar to visit these places in their motorcycles once in their lifetime. To drive a motorcycle in Iceland you need driving standards guide, driving standards phone number to make the best out of your motorbike ride in the island of Vikings.


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