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Pet Insurance: Why It’s Important To The Family Budget

Pet Insurance: Why It’s Important To The Family Budget


PUPPY IN FLOWERS1 Pet Insurance: Why Its Important To The Family Budget

Pet Insurance: Why It’s Important To The Family Budget

Over the past year, pet owners have spent close to $26.5 billion for both cats and dogs and only 10 percent of pet owners actually carry pet insurance for their beloved animals. Unfortunately, many individuals learn the expensive lesson on the importance of pet health insurance after they’ve incurred such a large amount of debt.

Routine Exams

Routine exams and vaccinations are imperative for the health and wellness of your pet. By implementing regular check-ups, and the necessary vaccinations for rabies, distemper and other important diseases, you can save money with unnecessary costs down the road. Preventive health care can even catch an illness at the cusp and a vet can prescribe treatment immediately. However, some pet owners fail to provide their pet with a routine exam because of the cost. With pet health insurance, these basic costs can be covered for providing your pet with the highest level of commitment and care. Pet insurance can also provide coverage for spaying, neutering and blood work.


Surgeries, x-rays and other types of lab work can be quite expensive, making some pet owners left with the only option to euthanize their best friend because of the cost. As noted by UK-based Monkey Insurance,”Sadly, with vets’ fees rising far faster than inflation – as much as 12% a year – it’s strongly advisable to have insurance to avoid needing to make any upsetting choices about your pet’s life if you can’t afford treatment.”

Fortunately, pet insurance can help you deal with unexpected issues such as diseases, sickness, bowel obstructions and more. With a monthly plan and a reasonable deductible, you no longer have to worry about providing your pet with the ultimate in comfort and care. Sometimes a pet’s problem can be difficult to ascertain and a vet will have to put them through a series of tests to diagnose the problem. You can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that you no longer have to pick and choose the tests because your pet insurance will cover the costs incurred until their issue has been determined.

Better Than Savings

Many pet owners put away money in a savings account each month in case their pet needs some sort of medical attention throughout the year. However, it could take over 20 years to save the annual coverage provided by most pet insurance plans for both illnesses and accidents. Some insurance plans provide basic coverage for injuries and sickness and can cost as little as $10 per month. Medium coverage can run between $15 and $30 per month, while upper end plans are closer to $100.

It’s important to research the type of plan that is right for you and your pet. Some pet insurance companies will not cover exotic animals such as birds, snakes, mice and rats. Other providers will cover everything, but they may charge more for a specific breed or pet. Doing your research can save you lots of money in the long run, so you should get estimates from a few companies first.

It’s hard to predict the health and wellness of your pet throughout the years and gambling with their safety can be expensive in the end. With pet health insurance, you and your family can offer your pet the best level of care, while staying within your budget for any unexpected costs that you may incur from an illness or accident.

Coming from a family of pet owners gives Nadine Swayne the knowledge to present this article. At Monkey Insurance, a UK-based company, they offer pet insurance policies with various levels of coverage to fit your budget.

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