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How To Throw The Best 4th Of July Party … Ever!

How To Throw The Best 4th Of July Party … Ever!


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How To Throw The Best 4th Of July Party … Ever!

A favorite summer holiday is the Fourth of July and hosting a memorable party includes good food, family, friends and fireworks. With your favorite traditional fare, red, white and blue decorations and an endless list of activities, you’re sure to have the best bash in town.

Invitations And Decorations

Festive invitations can set the theme for your party and can be as simple as sending the pre-printed type. You can get more creative and design something on the computer or put together something more extravagant with the help of your local craft store. Once your guests know to set the date, you can begin to prepare for the party.

Weather permitting, you’re party will most likely be centered outdoors, and your decorations can sparkle and delight just like the Fourth of July. Dress up your party tables with patriotic colored flowers and shimmery pin wheels. American flags both small and large can be displayed in planters and as bunting along your porch rails. Since it’s such a popular holiday, you’ll have no problem finding stars and stripes bowls and platters to hold salty snacks, desserts and hot dogs. As the day turns into dusk, you can break out the lighted torches and glow sticks.

Food And Beverages

Grilling is a must for this festive occasion, and the basics of hot dogs, hamburgers, bratwurst and Italian sausage are great party fare. However, if you want to kick your dining experience up a notch, you can break out the apron and grill beef tenderloin, ribs, shrimp and lobster. Serve some cool summer salads on the side such as macaroni, potato, cole slaw and baked beans.

You can continue your theme with desserts by serving cheesecake with strawberries and blueberries, patriotic cupcakes or a flag cake. Make sure to have plenty of beverages on-hand, especially if the temperatures are high, and include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options for your guests. Add red and blue colored juice to your ice cube trays for decorative drinks.

In the event one of your guests is pulled over in a holiday DWI checkpoint, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of their driving priviledges. As noted by Evan Levow, a New Jersey DWI attorney, “People mistakenly think that nothing can be done to defend against a DWI charge. That’s incorrect. There are many challenges that can be made to your DWI arrest. These cases can be won.”

Interactive Fun

No Fourth of July party is complete without an assortment of games and activities. If you’re holding your party near the water, you’ll find water polo, fishing, swimming and beach volleyball a great way to spend the afternoon. A home party can include fun standards such as bag toss, volleyball, badminton, Frisbee throwing, water balloon toss and a limbo contest. You and your guests can culminate the evening by attending your local fireworks display. If you’re planning on being outdoors for long periods of time in the evening, don’t forget to pack the bug repellent.

Staying Safe

Ensuring that your guests have a safe and enjoyable time is typically at the forefront of any celebration. You can do your part by making sure your loved ones don’t drink and drive. If you know someone has been imbibing in a little too much Fourth of July cheer, you can take their keys away and find an alternate mode of transportation such as a designated driver or cab ride home. You can also offer non-alcoholic options for those who don’t want to drink. Beverages can include soda, bottled water, alcohol-free tropical drinks and iced tea.

It’s easy to host the best Fourth of July party because your options are endless. With the right decorations, great food and ensuring the safety of your guests, your party is sure to be a summer hit.

Looking forward to the festivities of the Fourth of July inspires Nadine Swayne to write this article with tips for anyone who chooses to drink during the holiday. At the law firm of Evan Levow, clients are represented with an aggressive and innovative DWI defense strategy for their case, regardless of circumstances of their arrest.

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