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How Big A Problem Is Designer Drug Use?

How Big A Problem Is Designer Drug Use?


How Big A Problem Is Designer Drug Use  How Big A Problem Is Designer Drug Use?

How Big A Problem Is Designer Drug Use?

Designer drugs are a part of the legal netherworld of substances used to alter the senses; they are not entirely legal, but then they are not exactly illegal either. How can something be both legal and illegal? Simple: these drugs are often an admixture of easily obtainable and completely legal substances, making them “legal.”  Yet they often contain chemicals that are derived from controlled substances [translation: narcotics]. That, and their dangerous side effects, make them “illegal” as well.

Among The Most Prevalent Designer Drugs Of Choice Are:

Bath Salts – This is the street name for an hallucinogenic combination of many different “natural” substances. They are often sold in shops as potpourri or marketed as air freshener.

Purple Drank – This is a combination of codeine cough syrup and Sprite. This drink is the theme of many hip hop songs.

Synthetic THC – Known as fake pot, this is a chemical brew that mimics the effects of marijuana.

Another alarming fact: there are new concoctions just like these making their public debut every day in America and Europe.

Understanding DUI And Designer Drugs

Designer drugs, which combine legal and illegal substances, are just as effective as alcohol in impairing a motorist, and their use can lead to a DUI arrest just as readily as can excessive use of alcohol. Yet many people believe that “Driving Under the Influence” refers exclusively to the influence of alcohol. They assume that because they’re imbibing non-alcoholic substances, they’ll never need the services of a Gainesville DUI attorney or similar legal counsel.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Whether it’s designer drugs, prescription medications, medical marijuana, or alcohol, driving under the influence of anything that can impair your ability to properly operate a vehicle is illegal, and you may be arrested on a DUI charge.

If you are arrested for DUI while using one of these designer drugs you could face other charges, such as possession of a controlled substance, or–depending on your location–possession of an illegal substance. Charges of this nature could mean automatic jail time.

In some states, DUI charges caused by drug use will result in automatic suspension of your driver’s license, and you will be required to seek substance abuse counseling before you can apply for a license again. Additionally, if there is a minor in the car, you could have your license permanently revoked! That’s a life sentence few of us can afford.

The Misconception About Designer Drugs

Young people in particular have been lulled into a false sense of security regarding designer drugs. They think these substances are safe to use because so many of their components are legal and easily accessible. Laboring under this misconception, hundreds of young people have been stunned by their subsequent DUI arrest, and worse, many have become the victims of a drug overdose and lost their lives.

The CDC has recently released a report showing that more young people are being permanently harmed from designer drug use than any other type of recreational drug. This is a scary statistic which is even more alarming when you consider that many of these people are still driving, putting themselves and the rest of us at risk.  Education and prevention may be the only hope of a resolution to this dangerous trend.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell hopes this article will alert people to the perils of designer drug use and the long term impact such drug abuse can have. Gainesville DUI attorney, Katz & Phillips, P.A., are a legal team with years of success in dealing with substance abuse driving arrests.

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