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Five Facts That Will Surprise You About Katy, Texas

Five Facts That Will Surprise You About Katy, Texas


As a practicing dentist in the Katy, Texas area, I’ve fallen in love with the vibrant and diverse community that exists in this town. Even though Katy is still a relatively small town of only about 15,000 people, I find myself discovering new things to do and meeting new people every day. Yet, sometimes when I travel, I meet people who ask me, “What’s so great about Katy? I’ve never even heard of it.” In order to answer those questions, I’ve brought together five things that might just put Katy on your map.

katy texas Five Facts That Will Surprise You About Katy, Texas

1. The Dining Opportunities

Despite its small size, Katy is a rapidly expanding town for businesses, and everyday it seems like a new store or restaurant is opening up. Your possibilities for dining out are practically endless. lists over 500 results when given a search for restaurants in Katy, Texas. That’s a lot of food for 15,000 people! So whether it’s a national franchise or a local, sit-down eatery, Katy will ensure you never go hungry.

2. We’re Home to the Houston Computer Museum

Technically, the Houston Computer Museum is 10 miles away in Houston, but any Katy resident should know about this place. This is a one of a kind museum, after all who’s even heard of a computer museum? Boasting over 30,000 artifacts, the Houston Computer Museum will give you a truly eye-opening perception of “computers” throughout human history—with items dating back nearly 5,000 years!

3. The Origins of Our Name

Time for a history lesson: The first settlement in the Katy area was actually called Cane Island and established in 1872. So how did things change? Well, in the early 20th century, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad set up a depot here in the area. Most people abbreviated the railroad the MKT or KT for short. In 1945, when the town was officially incorporated, the popular name of “KT” stuck in the minds of the founders more than “Cane Island” and we ended up being “Katy.”

4. We’re Football Champs …Times Seven

It’s no secret that in Texas, football is king, and Katy is no different. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, in Katy it’s easy to become a part of the football tradition and supportive community. Katy High School has been 5A state champions in football a whopping seven times, with six of those victories being in the last 16 years. Meaning if you pick a random year between 1997 and 2013, there’s a one in three chance they were state champions that year. Pretty good odds, eh?

5. We Know How to Throw a Party

Okay, while it’s probably not the party you were expecting, we Katyites have a history of throwing elaborate festivals to celebrate our traditions and community. Probably the largest of these festivals is the Katy Rice Harvest Festival, which started in 1970s as a celebration of the local rice farmers’ contributions to the local economy. Since then, it has expanded to a two day festival with live music, a carnival and crafts for children. Likewise, in more recent years the Katy Rotary Club has begun hosting Katy Brew Fest, a local beer tasting which brings in local and non-local brewers to help support local nonprofits including Katy ISD, allowing us to give back to the community even further.

Dr. Allen Jahangiri is the founder of Noble Smile Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, and a proud Katy resident. A graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, he is a fairly new member of the Katy community and truly loves it.

Photo Credit: Joe Wolf (CC BY-ND 2.0)


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