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5 Common Causes Of Home Water Damage

5 Common Causes Of Home Water Damage


Most people associate ‘flooding’ with natural disasters, but this is not the only way floods can happen. Your home is constantly at a risk for flooding itself- whether from leaky pipes or negligence- and precautionary steps should be taken to prevent this from happening to you. While a hurricane or flash flood can be hard to protect your home from, most causes of flooding can be prevented by regular maintenance and attention to detail. Don’t get caught with a big bill because you didn’t check your sink.

Broken Pipes

Pipes run water all through your home and are a very prominent risk for flooding. Old pipes, shoddy pipes, and random bursts can all be risks for flooding in your home. If you know you’re getting an older home, having a plumber come out to check the pipes for leaks or if they need replacing can be the difference between paying to fix a leak and paying to renovate your home if they burst. Your garbage disposal can also cause pipes to burst, so regular care and maintenance should be a priority. Sometimes, rogue roots can dig into pipes that run out into your yard, and in that case you may not even realize there’s a problem. If you live in cold weather, beware of freezing pipes, as these can easily burst as well. Insulate the pipes or run trickles of water through them throughout the winter to keep them flowing.

Sewer Drainage

Sewage backup can be costly-and messy. No one wants to step out into a yard of sewage, or even worse, have it flood your home. Most sewage leaks are caused by invading roots and plants or failures in the sewage network like blockages, backups, etc. Try pouring root killer down your toilets every year or, if your area is prone to heavy rains and other causes of sewage backup, have someone install a standpipe or flood drain plug.


Leaving sinks or tubs running is another cause of accidental flooding. Overflowing toilets and ignoring running water can cause serious damage to home. Make sure you’re paying attention when running a bath or when your toilet clogs, and keep an eye on kids- they’re the main perpetrators of accidental flooding. Don’t let them run baths without supervision and teach them good habits like making sure the sink is off after washing their hands or brushing their teeth.

Heating & Air Conditioning Units

HVACs can be a cause of water damage as well. When not properly maintained, they can create moisture buildup that can cause damage unbeknownst to property owners. They also encourage the growth of mold that can further damage the home. Be sure to regularly check your unit to make sure nothing is leaking.

Natural Disasters

However, flash floods do happen. During heavy rains, snow, hurricanes, tropical storms and other natural disasters, rains and flooding can be unavoidable. Damage to the home can be minimized by taking precautionary measures such as raising appliances and turning off electricity and water.

If precautionary measures aren’t taken, your home can suffer significant water damage. While natural disasters may be inevitable, other leaks and breaks can be taken care of swiftly or prevented altogether. Take care of your home and implement these preventative steps to keep your wallet and your home happy.

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broken pipes 5 Common Causes Of Home Water Damage

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