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5 Classic Paintings of Kerry Darlington

5 Classic Paintings of Kerry Darlington


Kerry Darlington, a talented artist working with a variety of media, has won considerable acclaim for her paintings in acrylic and watercolour in recent years. A number of her paintings really typify her style and use of colour and shape to create images that are vibrant and visually striking.


Choosing to move from abstract, brightly coloured creations to delicate works featuring figures and subjects more recognisable and real, Darlington brings a variety of styles and subjects to her work.


1.      Four Seasons Suite – Summer

A number of Darlington’s paintings take on an otherworldly feeling and this one is no exception. Summer is a creation using resin on board, one of her preferred media, and depicts a fantastical tree growing from a vibrant orange and yellow earth and bringing forth a bounty of real and imaginary plenty from its dark, twisting boughs. Brightly coloured birds flutter between the branches, while leaves, buttons and cakes grow together in piece that has balance and symmetry across its area.


705727 KDarlington Summer 5 Classic Paintings of Kerry Darlington


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Depicting a glimpse into a strange and wonderful world, this and the others in the Four Seasons Suite have a childlike quality that harks back to her background in illustration.


2.      Ophelia

Described by Darlington herself as a combination of colour, energy and nature with an ephemeral feel, Ophelia is a flowing piece full of natural hues and depicts the character in the brook where she drowned in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Most like the Ophelia of John Everett Mills in its composition, Darlington’s Ophelia is shown becoming one with the water, as the ringlets of her hair become the ripples of the water and all becomes mottled to greys and blues by imagined trees and the depths of the water.


At once realistic, impressionistic and fantastical, Ophelia shows a very different side to Darlington’s skill.


3.      Golden Haze

Another different slant on Darlington’s style is shown in her Golden Haze, while also holding true to elements to the two previously mentioned pieces.


676916 KDarlington Golden Haze1 5 Classic Paintings of Kerry Darlington

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Evoking the mellow sepia tones of autumn and the changing of the light, Golden Haze gives the feeling of looking down a tree-lined avenue once all the leaves have fallen. Using similar techniques to those she employs in both of her previously described paintings, Darlington lends a sense of unreality to the scene while still keeping it recognisable.


4.      A Happy Un-birthday To You

A whimsical follow-up to her Alice in Wonderland, this mixed media creation really brings to life the characters and universe of Alice using incredible colours and characters that everyone loves.


As part of the painting, Darlington has created a three dimensional relief by using small pieces of wood to create the characters and details around them, which are then hand-painted and incorporated into the work using resin. This is a strong hat-tip to her work creating sculptured clay murals during her time in the Middle East.


5.      Original Abstract 4

Titled to give no clue as to the inspiration behind this piece, the flowing and rounded lines of the painting and use of colour will still be familiar to fans of Darlington’s work.


Painted in deep red and orange hues that will be familiar from the works already mentioned, this piece brings to mind bubbles, skin, fruit and parts of the human form depending on how and when you look. With something different to see on every viewing, this piece is a gift that really does keep on giving.



Kerry Darlington has an accomplished career in working in a range of different art forms. We hope you have enjoyed this selection of Kerry Darlington’s work. Her background in illustration, sculpture and painting come through strongly in these selected works and give a rounded idea of the art she creates.



Image Credits: Gallery Rouge 1 & 2


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