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Teen Angst To Arrest: What Parents Need To Know

Teen Angst To Arrest: What Parents Need To Know


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From Teen Angst To Arrest: What Parents Need To Know 

Crime is at the forefront of a teen’s life today and many grow up long before they should. Youth, vulnerability, inexperience and anger seem to lend themselves to these dangerous situations. Unfortunately for some teens, crime and violence are everyday occurrences and many teens are lacking a proper role model. The following are some important tips every parent needs to know.

The Rise In Teen Crime

Many families today are enjoying wealth and success due to their hard work, dedication and long hours on the job. Unfortunately, parents fail to realize the importance of leaving children unattended for long periods of time at home. This can leave teens open to hanging out with the wrong crowd and finding unsavory activities to keep them occupied.

In other cases, teens resort to crime as a means of expressing themselves and to gain attention. Teens are unsure of themselves during these years and will try to reach out to many different forms of expression. Sometimes, these forms can be artful or criminal. Parents need to be aware of these choices and not brush off every road their teen travels as a ‘phase’. Crime is also glorified in T.V. shows, movies and the interactive games your teen plays. They may want to emulate the images that they admire.

Tips For Decreasing Crime

Important tools to keep your teen on the straight and narrow include communication and education. Keeping the lines of communication open, and knowing where your teen goes and who they hang around with, shows that you care about their health and well-being. It’s also a wise plan to keep tabs on their whereabouts as well as their use of social media.

You can also educate them on the consequences of getting into trouble or being arrested, and how it can affect the rest of their lives. As noted by Kevin W. DeVore criminal law attorney in Minnesota,”In most instances, juvenile crimes are treated in a special court which focuses on rehabilitation rather than just punishment. The goal of the juvenile system is to ensure that the youth undergoes measurements to stop the criminal behavior before it’s too late.”

In addition to getting arrested, going to court and paying exorbitant fines, your teen could face community service or jail time. All teens need a set of limits and boundaries, and you shouldn’t worry about damaging your friendship with them. When a rule is broken in the home, your teen will have to pay the consequences, and you need to adhere to the rules that you’ve established. Giving them a pass will only show that your threats mean nothing, and they can continue the disrespect.

If your teen gets into serious trouble, and you no longer have any control, a mediation program can teach them how to put their anger and expressive emotions to better use. Implementing a hobby or sport can channel their energies to something better suited to their personality than being involved in crime. Managing crime as early on as possible will help prevent it from escalating into something more serious.

After A Teen’s Arrest

After your teen has been arrested, you’ll probably be going through a variety of emotions from anger and frustration to fear and uncertainty. If they call you from jail, you can start by determining their status. Get the whole story from them along with the version from the arresting officer. Anger and yelling never solve anything, so you should try to stay calm and collected. Your teen needs to understand that they are responsible for their own actions, and they’ll need to enlist the help of a criminal attorney. Hopefully, this will be a good learning experience for your teen and keep them from getting into further trouble.

Entering your teen years can be a time of awkwardness and pushing the boundaries. As a parent, you need to set a good example and stay connected. Even though they may be combative and angry, you can show your teen other positive outlets for expressing their emotions instead of crime.

Nadine Swayne presents this article to parents with teens on the verge of falling off the “criminal edge.” If your child has been arrested for any crime, Kevin W. DeVore criminal law attorney empathizes with your situation. Their legal team provides expert representation and will instate an intensive defense on your teens behalf.

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