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Looking Great on a Budget: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

Looking Great on a Budget: Where to Splurge and Where to Save


All women have that secret list of must-have clothing or shoes. Why not just go out and buy everything on your list? The problem can be the cost of some of these items. If you change how and where you shop along with cutting some corners here and there, you will still look absolutely fabulous.

Throw the Must-Have List Away

suits Looking Great on a Budget: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

If all you do is daydream about the clothes, shoes or lingerie must-haves—or worse, seek them out as soon as you hit the store or website, you’ll really never be satisfied with your final purchases. We all can’t afford designer top brands so instead, find similar brands at a lower price.

As long as you have that list embedded in your brain, you may get stuck in the rut of buying the inexpensive or boring because you’re always saving for the expensive.

Find Designer Fashion Sales

All department stores and online women’s clothing venues do have sales or the one word women love best “clearance.” Many of these stores offer clearance sales monthly or seasonally. Find out when they place products in the clearance section and then jump on them.

Another tip for sale shopping is to avoid fashions at the beginning of each season. This is when retailers know they can get top prices. Instead, hold off and wait for those sales. You might have to settle for a different color, but perhaps not!

Do Accessorize with Affordable Lingerie

All women have fashion designer V-neck dresses and sweaters they love and often buy expensive undergarments with lace and flair to enhance the look. Here’s an area where you can save instead of splurging and yes, this works for layering as well.

Seek out discount lingerie to wear underneath your designer fashions. Very often the laces and other embellishments are as nice as designer brands and will complement the overall look so do opt for the less expensive.

Splurge on the Essentials

Women need certain wardrobe essentials like a little black dress, a great pair of jeans (or two), a business suit and both flat and pump shoes. For these essentials do splurge and buy quality clothes.

This ensures they will last longer and the inexpensive items you add to them will dress them up. Once you have the essentials, mixing and matching is endless if you’re creative. When making these purchases, make sure you buy neutral colors that will go with everything.

Stop Buying in Bulk

We’ve all found that perfect dress, that snuggly and soft sweater or those jeans we can’t live without. Once discovered, many of us buy the same item in bulk which can turn out to be a bad decision.

Bulk shopping will put a deep hole in your shopping budget and when you buy in bulk, even if you do so in a variety of colors, you’re really never getting a “fresh” look. You can quickly learn if you’re guilty of this by glancing in your closet—if you have items that are exactly the same in many different hues, step out of the bulk buying hole to show more originality and personality.

Shopping for women is a must-do but if you know when to splurge, when to save and give up that same old look, your clothes, shoes and accessory shopping will be much more fun. Above all, throw the dream list away—it takes up too much space and can leave your mind closed to new choices.


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