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How To Glam Out With Temporary Tattoos!

How To Glam Out With Temporary Tattoos!


BIRD TATTOO How To Glam Out With Temporary Tattoos!

How To Glam Out With Temporary Tattoos!

Tattoos are an artistic form of expression and most individuals who adorn their bodies with ink typically use the permanent variety. Fortunately, for those who are looking to glam their arm or leg with a creative design or phrase, you can now go a different route thanks to the help of temporary tattoos.

What Are Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are a great way to decorate your body without the commitment that is attached to a permanent form of ink. They also eliminate the pain that accompanies the permanent tattoo. Fashionistas can glam up their appearance and interchange it to match a particular event or outfit in a matter of minutes. The designs usually last between five and seven days and once you’ve grown tired of it, you can choose a new style and location.

Temporary Versus Permanent

There are numerous advantages to choosing temporary tattoos versus a real one. One of the most well-known benefits to a temporary tattoo is that it’s not permanent. Most individuals get a tattoo and grow bored with the style or placement and many wish they could change its location. With temporary tattoo art, you can wear a particular design on your shoulder and replace it with something on your wrist instead.

They are also ideal for shaking up your outfit. Going to a concert wearing boots and a leather skirt deserves a rocker-styled design. However, heading to a social gala with the elite warrants a tattoo with a bit more subtlety and creativeness, such as a necklace or bracelet design. Your temporary tattoo designs can span from delicate flowers to skulls and crossbones to colorful cartoon characters.

Society has become more health conscious and permanent dyes and inks can create allergies and skin break-outs. Temporary body designs are made using non-toxic materials and are safe to place on your skin. They can also be air-brushed or appliqued on, so you don’t have to worry about pain or the risk of infected needles. Cost is another factor. You could spend over $500 for a particular style of permanent tattoo. Depending on the size, placement and style, you could spend a lot less for a temporary form of the same design.

Styles And Designs

The fashion runways have been abuzz with the latest tattoo trends and designers have jumped in on the action with their own versions. The designs can range from fleur-de-lis symbols to jewelry baubles, tribal designs, rocker bolts, chains and more. You can choose something that toughens up your appearance or you can go for something more delicate and classic. Some of the styles take on the look of jewelry and can accent an outfit. If you’re getting married or heading to the prom, you can have a jeweled tattoo necklace placed around your neck instead of the actual jewelry.

Temporary tattoo art has gained in popularity because you can change your look to fit your mood or outfit. The lack of permanence, pain-free application, and zero health risks are other contributing factors that make this hot fashion trend the hit of the season.

Being a champion of self expression and body art inspires Nadine Swayne to ‘ink’ this article! Men, women and children can all experience the fun of temporary tattoos, whether at a rock concert or a unique kids’ birthday party. Trying this tattoo trend is a spirited and extraordinary way to accessorize your fresh new Summer wardrobe.

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