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Domain Names: Your Digital Handshake

Domain Names: Your Digital Handshake


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Domain Names: Your Digital Handshake

The world of technology has irrevocably changed the way that people will do business forever. At one point in time, it was enough to have a good newspaper ad, a spirited spot on the local radio station and a billboard to bring people in for business. The advent of the computer and Internet, however, turned this understanding of the business world completely on its head. It’s now vital for every business or marketing entity to have a presence on the World Wide Web. What many people don’t understand, however, is that the domain name they choose is sometimes as important as the site itself.

Why A Handshake?

It may sound a bit strange, but website domain names are the new business handshake. What is a handshake? It’s simply a greeting; it’s a nice “Hi, how are you. This is who I am.” In reality, this is all a domain name is. When people are online searching for companies or simply shopping around, a domain name is likely the first thing that they’ll see. This is why choosing a great one is essential. If you enlist the services of a professional Domain Broker, they can help direct you to getting the optimal results when making this decision.

Some people may believe that good domain names aren’t important because the majority of their business is local. Sadly, they couldn’t be more wrong. Several studies have shown that the majority of Americans search for local businesses online before actually visiting them and between 70 and 90 percent of consumers will search online before buying locally. Obviously, your digital handshake can make a huge difference.

Why So Important?

Great domain names are important for several reasons. First off, a domain name lends credibility to a site. Customers don’t want to see a company website with other companies listed before it (ie.; it simply looks unprofessional. Having a strong domain name says “Look, we’re serious about what we do.”

In addition, domain names will do amazing things in brand building. People will remember a business more often when they’re able to easily recall a domain name to their consciousness. Just look at the amazing job Google has done with branding; though, this is a bit of an exaggerated example. Still, the point is made.

Tips For Names

The best tips for getting a good domain name is making it easy to type and remember. What is a person more likely to remember: 230 or 2,503,928? The simple fact is that the shorter and sweeter – the better. Keeping it short, however, isn’t the only consideration. Brainstorming a few keywords related to the company to use in the domain is a good idea as well. In fact, if the company name is simple to remember, it’s often a good idea to just make that the domain name.

It’s also important to set oneself apart from others. This means not getting a domain name that closely resembles a more popular brand. This is a recipe for disaster and possibly copyright infringement. Besides, having a strong domain name that can stand on its own is the best strategy. Additionally, avoid using numbers and hyphens unless, of course, there are numbers in the store’s name.

It’s hopefully obvious why every business owner or marketer needs to spend considerable time figuring out the right domain name. It will literally be the address, marker, welcome sign, handshake and title of a company all rolled into one. First impressions are important, and it’s not often that the chance to change a domain name will arise in day-to-day business without serious repercussions. In the end, it’s better to take a little extra time figuring out a great domain name than it is to just hurry and get a site live.

Having built a website for her company, Nadine Swayne understands the importance of domain names. Toby Clements, a professional Domain Broker, can give your business a maximum edge above the competition. Your branding and digital landscape will effortlessly flow with the implementation of the perfect website name.
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