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4 Ways To Reclaim Your Management “Mojo”

4 Ways To Reclaim Your Management “Mojo”


MGMT MOJO 4 Ways To Reclaim Your Management Mojo

4 Ways To Reclaim Your Management “Mojo”

It can be difficult to retain a solid following in a business, especially when the economy is extremely unsteady. However, once the job market starts to pick up again, you may worry about your employees packing it in for greener pastures. A life coach can help you regain their trust with a team building campaign that acknowledges the pain and difficulties of the past, while focusing on what lies ahead. A future vision, team events and reward programs are other important ways for management to get their “mojo” back again.

1. Promote Your Vision

Employees want to know that they’ll have a job in the future with room for advancement. A business owner can develop a plan to promote the company’s vision and what it can mean for the employees who have ridden out the storm together. A company that promotes from within will give their employees something toward which to work. This vision should also showcase what the business leaders have in store for the months ahead and how they plan to achieve that success.

2. Life Coaching

Life coaching is instrumental in work, career management and personal relationships. It’s also a great way for a business owner to map out a plan to re-build a solid foundation for the company. Having a mission statement and structuring guidelines in place to keep everyone happy can build a loyal employee base.

A coach can also develop ideas for workshops to gain better success from each individual employee, have family parties outside of the work place to build a personal relationships, and construct a plan for achieving optimum success in their future endeavors. As expressed by an expert Noomii life coach, “Executive coaching is similar to sports coaching for high performance athletes. The role of the coach is to expose blind spots and challenge the executive to achieve greater levels of success.”

3. Team Events

Team events that promote camaraderie and togetherness can earn an employee’s trust in a business. This includes functions outside of the normal work day, vacations that reward employees for success and team building activities that earn the trust and loyalty of your staff members, after it’s been broken or burned. Getting together beyond the normal business day can give employees the chance to delve deeper into what makes each one of them tick. It’s also a great way for a manager or owner to show that they care about the health and well-being of each of their employees, and that they appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into their jobs.

4. Goal Incentives

Every business should have employee goal incentives in place to continuously give their workers something to strive for. Whether it’s tickets to a sporting venue for a month of high sales, vacation packages to those who have reached the ultimate quarterly goals, or monthly luncheons for a job well done, reward systems are a great way to show your appreciation.

The climate for most businesses over the past few years has looked unsettling, especially as companies continue to dig their way back from the recession. Some may have had to forego bonuses, raises and cutbacks just to survive. The above tips are surefire ways to earn trust back and keep the best employees from leaving for better opportunities.

Nadine Swayne offers this information for the executive trying to breathe new life into their employees’ morale. Business owners who are looking for alternative ways to enliven their staff may consider hiring a Noomii life coach to help rebuild their team. They have an online directory with hundreds of business coaches in your area that can help with your company’s visions for the future.

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